Storyline Go Fetch.

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  1. Aiden Ryan is loading up his trunk with his suitcases when an interviewer comes walking up to him, he rolls his eyes and closes his trunk with a "Of course" to which the interviewer responds with.

    "Aiden, I would like to speak to you about the match you had at the revival of IWT, You put on a fight that wasn't exactly commendable, but more so... different. You admitted to things that could start many speculations as to how you got here in this company."

    "Look, I don't give a damn what people think of me anymore. Everyone thought of me as this poor victim, this victim who turned to selling their body to get to their dream job and could only just cry about his past. Poor Aiden, Right? Poor fucking Aiden. Poor Aiden isn't that little bitch he was last year. I'm not going to smile in your face and pretend that everyone here is my idol and that i love them so much, they're such inspirations and put their body on the line each and every week... although let's face facts here, they'll only do it if a championship is waved in their face like it's a bone, but they still do it anyway so let's commend them. "

    Aiden Ryan claps his hands causing an echo throughout the entire parking lot. The interviewer looks around nervously.

    "People can speculate how i got here all they want, and how fake i've been this entire time. But i will continue to ascend a ladder of success, and if that means using every bit of scum that lies awake within this company, I can and will do it. they will envy it, they will regret it, it will haunt them for the rest of their careers. "

    Aiden Ryan creepily walks up to the interviewer making them feel extremely uncomfortable. He throws the interviewers microphone across the parking lot and smirks, whispering in their ear he then states.

    "Go fetch, Just like the rest would."

    Pushing the interviewer by his face Aiden walks to his car and thus leaving the arena. ​
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