Storyline Go on, ask more stupid questions.

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  1. An interviewer spots Dylan Gray backstage doing push ups, he cautiously approaches him:

    Interviewer: "Um, Dylan, please can you give us a minute?"

    Dylan: "Ugh, make it quick, can't you see I'm busy?"

    Interviewer: "Okay, sorry, first question..... you and Corey Marcus have been getting really heated recently, what's up with that?"

    Dylan: "Corey Marcus is weird, Corey Marcus is a wannabe, someone who wants a piece of D-Gray even though he knows he's going to get beat, he wants to start shit with me? I don't give a fuck who you are, you start shit, I end it, I end them..."

    Interviewer: "Okay, next question, what do you think about Michael getting rid of the brand split?"

    Dylan: "This is really what you're asking me?"

    Gray slaps the interviewer causing him to fall to the ground.

    Dylan: "Go on, ask me more stupid questions, see what happens...."

    Gray kicks the interviewer while he's on the floor before walking away.
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  2. Interview guys names is Jerry, he got Corey a Mocha ;)
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  3. Interviewer should've asked about how badly Ryan Davis is going to defeat Michael rather than the brand split
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  4. Read this entire promo by saying Gary rather than Gray.