Storyline Go tell aunt Rhody.

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  1. The titantron displaying the shows logo goes completely black. The screen begins to flicker before completely turning bright purple. A devious laugh emanates from the titantron speakers. The screen cuts to Arno Frye's despicable art studio. The camera focuses on an easel with a blank canvas resting on it as Arno's devilish laugh can be heard off screen in the background of some eerie music.Footsteps can be heard and they're inching closer. The laughing stops and Frye remains off camera, as it focuses on the blank canvas.

    We are all kings...we are the weavers of our own webs. There is no divine being guiding us--for is like a painting,haha, no matter what you're painting, no matter what colors you use, no matter the material...what you do cannot be erased. Your mistakes stay on the canvas.however unlike a painting you can't just throw your botched attempts away. You must carry on and make the most of whatcha got.

    Frye walks into frame, wearing an apron shirtless on top of his usual ring gear. He pulls the camera close so that his pale face takes up most of the frame. He licks his lips.

    So when 8 kings meet in the ring, all trying to weave their webs...are their any survivors?

    My first mistake was Amos, my second Aldo...but I'm not going to throw this piece away...nah they're just flies caught in the web, I'm going to finish it and summerslam is where I'll find the much needed inspiration to continue it.

    Frye adjusts the camera again so now his entire face is in frame. He looks dead into the camera.

    *He sings* Go tell aunt Rhody...go tell aunt Rhody...go tell aunt Rhody that everybody's...dead*hysterical laughter*

    In his fit of laughter he drops the camera and the visual is gone, all that can be heard is his laughter.

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