Go to Sleep, Bitch!

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  1. *The camera cuts to Brandon Cage, once again under a lone street lamp in a completely dark neighborhood.*

    Cage: Be very quiet...........they're all sleeping. With their eyes closed tights, snuggling their soft pillows under their blankets. It makes me feel so warm inside to think of man and woman sleeping so peacefully. You want to know what makes me feel even better? I'll tell you; when It's me who puts a human to sleep. It puts a wide smile on my face knowing I caused great pleasure, well at least in my case. Just knowing that man is knocked out, with no clue where he is when he wakes up is what wakes me up every morning. It's what keeps me going. It's my favorite part of life. Night time is my favorite time. It's time of slumber and dreams; good and bad. I love it. I love every second of it. Man do I just love everything about it. I hate to be so repetitive about it, but I can't control the emotions right now. The lust for bringing a man down with a single punch to a painful sleep......man......you guys just couldn't understand the rush I get by just thinking about it. It's what brought me into this business and it is whats going to make me an unstoppable monster. You can't put me down, only Mr. Sandman can put someone down. That is why from the moment that Caution ends, I am asking that every match that I compete in be a knockout match.

    *Cage stops in the middle of his speech. He looks at his title and smiles.*

    Cage: I almost forgot. At Caution, I defend this title in a street fight. My opponent? Some cheesy, c- actor who's trying to make a name for himself in the wrong place. Josh.............you dream big don't you? You dreamed of hollywood and it came true. You dreamt about getting in the wrestling business and it came true. There's only one real problem. You're dreaming about taking my title, and that's one dream that will stay as a dream. This title is staying around my waist for a long, long time. You're stepping in your wrong element. You are stepping into a street fight against the worlds most dangerous man. I will beat you to an inch of your life. I will beat you with everything I can until two things happen. 1.) I knock you out for a short period of time or 2.) I knock you out for the rest of your pathetic life! I'll see you there! Sweet dreams, friend!

    *Brandon Cage walks out of the light and heads out to the darkness as the camera cuts off.*
  2. I actually like the idea of a knockout match.....against jobbers for a while before you face the roster with the match. If you're serious about that match i can make it happen.
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  3. I'm serious. It's a nice addition to my gimmick. We can still do it after Caution though.
  4. Yeah, we'll discuss this later on.
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