Gohan6425 Top 10 WCW Wrestler of ALL TIME! Video

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Aug 23, 2012.

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  2. I'm gonna let you know right now, if Ron Simmons isn't on this list I'm gonna fuck you up so bad, your body bag will be a condem. :finger:
  3. Sorry he not! I did not watch he that much in WCW! By time I started watching WCW he was in WWE so I could not put him on the last sorry!
  4. /me breaks a TV over your head
  5. Dude this my list baisc on what I watch! And Ron was not on WCW when I started watch it he was not IN WCW anymore!
  6. Looks like we got a feud on this forum :obama: this outta be good :jeritroll:
  7. WWE Book it!
  8. How do you know he doesn't have a learning disability?
  9. Don't bring threads off topic please.
  10. U DON'T DARK! I have can do shit myself just bad in spelling! I have a 95% avagrage history! SO STFU! U don't have anything on me! I use a use name my fav wrestler! which other people on here do!
  11. good video :p

    I clicked your ads also :obama:
  12. This should technically be in the General WWE Section since WWE owns WCW's history.

    can you post the list? I wouldn't dream of watching one of your vids
  13. Regal better be on here with Booker T.
  14. I though of that but then I though since it was WCW to put it in here? and no u have to watch it!
  15. ECW and WCW go into WWE/WWF General :hmm:
  16. :no:!
  17. This list is irrelevant then. :gtfo:
  19. :upset:
  20. I'm not going to watch lol. My top 10:

    Savage (dude was NUTS in WCW lmao)
    The Giant (sorry Crayo, he was just too awesome in WCW)

    tag teams: Road Warriors, Harlem Heat, Steiners, and the Outsiders
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