OOC Gohan's match vs Dat Kid - voting poll

Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by Jonathan, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. IWT's voting

  2. ACW's voting

  1. Should we allow Gohan to have his match against Dat Kid following the traditional IWT voting routine where everyone can vote, or should he be allowed to use the "ACW" voting where by only 3 users get to decide the outcome. I think every match should use the IWT voting rules because it doesn't restrict the voting to just 3 people.

    Let me know in the poll!
  2. I'm going to Say IWT's Way because We're in IWT, not ACW. Last time Gohan Lost in ACW, he raged about him losing by .2 points.....
    If it was IWT's voting, it gives everyone a chance to Vote....
    Only Problem in Gohan's going to rage if he loses (When does he win anyway?)
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  3. Before you guys vote you should read this.

    Normally I would be all over IWT voting rules. I would say lets go for IWT rules, let people be a part of this match, but this is a special circumstance. In my in character promo I talk about how Gohan has been avoiding this match and a bit of that isn't kayfabe. I've been waiting to face Gohan for a LONG time and I can guarantee that if you guys try to change the voting system to IWT rules he will back out of this match, immediately.

    Let's not think about structure of the IWT for a second. Instead, think about the match Gohan and myself are going to put on. Video promos are both our specialties and you all know that and we're both are good (well I am and Gohan's are just mistakenly hilarious) at written promos. This isn't about the IWT, this is about seeing a good match.

    A match that you'll all miss out on if you vote for IWT ruling. That poll might as well say ACW rules or No Match because that's exactly the kind of logic that Gohan has. He "signed" a contract for ACW rules and there isn't a damn thing that's going to change his mind.

    Forrest, you brought up an interesting point about Gohan bitching. Let me say this. If Gohan loses our match, he won't be able to compete in IWT anymore and if he bitches, he can easily be annexed from the section via mod. If Gohan wins, he won't bitch, simple as that.

    I had to pull teeth to get this match and this seems just like another petty hurdle for me to go through, no disrespect intended Jonathan. So i implore you all to vote for ACW voting, otherwise you're all just going to miss out on a great match.
  4. Fuck....I should of thought about this....Jonathan, I'd like you NOT to count my Vote.....
  5. ACW Gohans excuses are dull as can be, DK 3-0 hopefully.
  6. Went with ACW voting, it just makes it more interesting IMO.
  7. Doesn't matter. He'll whine either way really.
  8. gav also takes back his vote after reading dat kids post also who are the 3 users gunna be if its acw rules?
  9. So what you're saying is... give Gohan his way AGAIN because if we don't he'll bitch and complain. Regardless of the match voting, if Gohan loses he's going to bitch whether it's IWT or ACW voting. Poll will close in 8 hours, can't be assed dragging this out.
  10. Gohan sent me here to vote for IWT-- he is trying to worm his way out of the match. I hope his plan doesn't go over but you understand he is a dagerous man and I don't want to cross him.

    He is--- terrified--- to face DKFJ. I saw the fear in his eyes
  11. Whichever one gets Frank out of IWT. ACW is fine, IWT we get a shitload MORE drama from the kid. I'll take ACW voting if i get the "Video promo's" and WHEN he loses still....Seabs is going to have a lot of time to spend deleting threads.
  12. lol he wants people to vote ACW not IWT genius.

  13. Did you even read what I said dumb fucking idiot.

    In my joke post which you've now ruined I was saying Gohan was trying to get people to vote IWT to give him an excuse to bail because he's afraid of dat kid

    goddammit you ruin literally everything
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  14. dude you might make a joke out of it, he will demand a new vote and bitch about it.

    I might have ruined your fun here - testify - but dude will ruin anything if he see's ANYONE do what you did above. Period.
  15. testify?

    I make a joke out of everything. Gohan raging about shit is the only enjoyable thing I've ever taken away from IWT.
  16. then you should gtfo, because every single other person here hates the fuck out of the kid's crying and bitching.

    He has been back less than 2 weeks, made 5 threads, every single one full of bitching and demands, but the kid hasn't done anything in any other thread. All of us see this thread and hope to god when he loses ACW style (he loses there, too) he will just leave the section and be done with it, but EVERYONE know's that he will be searching through all of his threads and bitching like a fucking little girl.

    The testify part is from the "Did you even read what I said dumb fucking idiot. " The random rage.
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  17. I realize you would all want me to gtfo, but i have my own agenda. I'm not here to look out for the best interests of IWT. I'm here to unleash Gohan
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  18. you're about 8 month's too late, that's when the hilarious part of it wore off for me, at least.

    Go through his threads, he's already bitching about how he's going to bitch when he loses.
  19. Well contrary to popular belief I don't follow IWT with any regularity or detail so I wasn't around to see him raging 8 months ago. The petition thing for instance turned out to be hilarious and I was able to instigate some hilarity despite not being involved at all. Good times.
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  20. showing up and voting in anything is great, i'm glad you even check the section.

    That being said, I'm going to tag the fuck out of you when he throws a tantrum next month. Every time he posts, you get a tag. Hopefully it's still as funny then.