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  1. Kenny Omega walks to the top of the entrance ramp as his theme plays out to all.

    "Many people say that I am a loser, that my ambition in IWT was flawed in my first match. To these people I say you are stupid!
    You think some pretentious little Irish boy toy can stop my plans?
    Just because that Balor piece of shit beat me in one match does not mean he has put Kenny Omega to rest.
    Balor may of won that battle, but he has not won the war!
    Balor only won because of the homophobic referees of IWT. Once I came out I was treated differently and that has pissed me off! Now Kenny clearly see's that he is in this alone. Kenny Omega is going to have to fuck everyone up.

    See Kenny Omega just had a meeting with IWT's owner Michael, and Kenny Omega has just demanded a shot at the X-Division championship. And you can guarantee that I am stepping into the match, and I am going to physically destroy anyone and everyone. Kenny Omega might have lost the people, but he has not lost his motivation, and when I come for this title, you will not be able to comprehend what you are facing. I might be walking into this X-Division match dry, but I will leaving in the blood of all those who fell to Kenny Omega's feet."
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