Goldberg pipebombs HHH, Says he'd return if WWE knew how to run a business

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, May 18, 2013.

  2. Always loved Goldberg. Would love to see him squash Ryback.
  3. lol I wonder if Goldberg is just mad that the last time there was a rumored Goldberg return a couple of years ago, Triple H said "The only person talking about Bill Goldberg's return is Bill Goldberg."

    Sorry, I have no interest in seeing Goldberg in 2013 or any year beyond.
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  4. I'd rather see Goldberg than HHH or Ryback, but really have no desire to see any of the 3.
  5. I want to see this happen.
  6. I concur.
  7. LOL! I YES THIS TRUE IF RYBACK AKA GOLDERG DOES BUSINESS AND LET THE REAL GOLDBERG THEN YES HE WOULD DO OTHER "OH HELL NO"! HHH HATES GOLDBERG SO I DON'T SEE HIM RETURN SINCE IS NOW A HIGH UP NOW! But I had a roomer that a goldberg dvd maybe coming out in wwe soon so there maybe a possbily that he come back for matchest to promo the dvd? but i detout it.
  8. :idk: How don't they know how to run a business? Their booking is questionable sure but business sense is top notch.
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  9. He probably meant the booking but isn't smart enough to differentiate the two. I see/hear it a lot people will talk about booking decisions as 'good or bad business'. The two have some correlation, of course, but they aren't the same thing.
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  10. Goldberg, go to TNA bruh. You're drunk.
  11. Nice Nicki Minaj signature... :eww:
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  12. All I know is Goldberg never had the makings of a varsity athlete.
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  13. Its a differant bizz then it was when Goldberg arrived in WWF.
    He should know that by now, its entertaining.
    That the most common strugle with alot of die hard fans just like meself.
  14. Pretty sure he botched his twitter reply. HHH is a good business man, and I'd take Hunter over his stale ass anyday.
  15. It was like that when Goldberg was there, too. He's maybe still upset over how disappointing his 2003/2004 tenure in the company was, is all. Unless he actually watches the show and has strong opinions on how they book certain things (Bruno apparently didn't watch consistently, even though he continued to critique them for years.)
  16. If they knew how to run a business? Am i the only one who saw his match vs lesnar? Dude was shit after Nash cancelled his bitch ass winning streak.

    Fuck Goldberg, he can have as many opinions as he wants, but at the end of the day he was an overpushed piece of shit.
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  18. For me he falls into a similar category as Ryback in the fact I'm not 100% either of them suit the WWE, Ryback for me is failing miserably at the moment.
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  19. I'd mark.......
  20. Because you're both Jewish?
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