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  1. Would anyone want him back?
  2. Nope, he was an intense animal but bored me in his prime.
  3. No. Goldberg would not fit in with the current WWE. Part of the thing with Goldberg was that in his prime in WCW he was the only one of his kind (at least on his level) but now he has Mark Henry, Ryback and potentially Roman Reigns to contend with should he choose to come back. His character slot is filled.
  4. None of those three are on his level...
  5. You honestly think Goldberg has retained any of his "level" since retiring? If Goldberg returned now he would be billed as a part timer and has been. Goldberg has left sports in its entirety. Focusing instead on cars and motorcycles. He has also left the mainstream. Lesnar and Rock, the two previous returns have kept up in the mainstream of sports and hollywoord respectively. Keeping themselves relevant. Goldberg is very irrelevant. Him creating the same long term momentum for the E that Lesnar and Rock did is very unlikely.
  6. It'd be fun to see Goldberg against the guys you mentioned. Especially Ryback. Gives him a chance to put them over, so he can give back to a business that gave him so much in so little time.
  7. I am not talking about now. I am talking about his overall success in wrestling. None of the above mentioned people will ever get recognition and success like he did.
  8. Any aura he had in 1998 and for a short time in 2003 is long gone. Stay retired, Bill.
  9. And you know that how?
    Ryback has a lot of momentum right now. He has established himself as a main event player in a short time and despite booking going against him stays on top and relevant. Mark Henry is one of WWE's biggest draws, that is a fact. And Reigns sits on all the potential in the world. He grows at lightspeed, is athletic, young and sits on the pedigree of legend. His father was one of the wild Samoans, his uncle was Yokozuna, his cousin was Umaga and another of his cousins is the freaking Rock. Reigns can go very far.
  10. Ryback will never go over John Cena/The Rock, unlike Goldberg who defeated Hollywood Hogan clean. So yeah, here's the difference.
  11. Mark Henry will certainly never have the type of recognition that Goldberg had in his best days. Goldberg was on Austin's level in 1998, Henry has never been that popular and is at the tail end of his career now. The other two, who knows. Reigns maybe, probably not with Ryback.
  12. And did Goldberg become a mainstay because of going over Hogan? No. Goldberg never cared for wrestling. Ryback, Henry and Reigns obviously does. That is a keyfactor for success. The fans can notice things like that and will respond in kind. Goldberg is a has been and nearly forgotten in the wrestling business. Not a lot of people care about Goldberg now. But a lot more people will care about Mark Henry, Roman Reigns and Ryback once they are done most likely.
  13. Huh? How can you make such a bold claim.

    If things go as they seem to plan with him don't bet on it.
  14. Doesn't matter how long he was in the business. His impact is much greater than Ryback's, Henry's and Reigns'.

    And about your so called 'nearly forgotten' comment. Than explain me how come when Ryback appeared you hear Goldberg chants? If he is that forgotten, they probably shouldn't have chanted Goldberg during Ryback's matches, now do they?
  15. You can in no way predict that Goldberg's impact on the business will remain bigger than either of those guys impact. Because those guys are still active wrestlers, that can only be measured in retrospect.

    That is the result of mean spirited fans in a sense. Fans don't always take kindly to rehashing a gimmick, especially a one dimensional one. When Ryback debuted on the stage his gimmick was pretty one dimensional, just like Goldberg. The fans reacted on that. Notice that the Goldberg chants have dissipated along with Ryback being fleshed out as a character. My comment about being nearly forgotten applies more to the mainstream than it does wrestling. Goldberg the wrestler is just about dead in mainstream media. When ever he shows up in media it is as Bill Goldberg, car expert, not Goldberg of WCW and WWE. Wrestling fans will always remember Goldberg in some way or form. But I do believe that with time Ryback and Reigns will take over and surpass Bill. One of them is likely to do it.
  17. I am going to try to translate these posts from now on, here goes:

    They should have a match at WMXXX. The real Goldberg vs the Goldberg rip off (Ryback). That way Goldberg can decimate his opponent thus showing the world who truly is the better man .
  18. Who is the fake Goldberg?
  19. I've translated above ^
  20. I think that this was in full effect when i was a lurker, and again at summerslam. No, no goldberg, never again. Let it die.
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