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    Since we had no Money in the Bank, this year. I decided that we can have a Money in the Bank inspired idea but put a more traditional spin on it. Instead of doing another 6-man match, I figured we can do a tournament. The reason It's called the "Golden Lottery Tournament" is because this tournament has no specification. Anyone can be randomly selected into this tournament. The winner, will receive a shot at the IWT World Championship, whenever they wish. Check below, to see the tournament bracket.

    This tournament will be very basic. The winner of both preliminary matches will go onto face Gav the Chav (chosen due to winning his match) and King Zero (randomly selected). The winner of both matches will face off in the finals. The winner of the finals will be given the Golden Ticket, allowing them to challenge for the IWT World title at anytime, within a calendar year. Below is the current schedule of the tournament.

    Preliminary Matches - December 1st
    Semi-Finals - December 7th
    Finals - IWT Summit 2015

    @Gav the Champ!
    @King Zero
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  4. well that escalated quickly
  5. This is why IWT is dead my friend.
  6. I'm sorry man. sorry please man. forgive me man please.
  7. Fantastic, it's been a while since I've faced Nick
  8. I don't recall ever facing you? either way, looking forward to a one on one match that I feel is long overdue