Good Arcade Games?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. Anyone know any good arcade games on 360?
    I have Uno and a few others.
    I just got Happy Wars since its free and that is a really fun game. Has mutli. player and stuff. You can play with a ton of people.
    Oh and I tried minecraft and I wasn't into it enough to get it. I have 1600 points to spend.
  2. Castle Crashers & Battlefield 1943
  3. I have castle crashers but what is Battlefield 1943?
  4. It's Battlefield. :dawg:

  5. [​IMG]

    Set during World War II, up to 24 players can battle it out as either US Marines or Imperial Japanese troopers, fighting across Pacific locations like Wake Island, Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima in jeeps, tanks, fighter planes and boats as well as on foot. Although released in 2009, Battlefield 1943 maintains a strong and active online community, a testament to its quality and is one of the definitive arcade multiplayer first person shooters.

    Price: 1200MSP
  6. I might check it out
  7. There is also GTA: San Andreas which is 1200msp.
  8. I bought San Andreas and play it all the time. It's really good, you can still use all the cheats and stuff which makes the game even better.
  9. Did you get "Happy Wars" Punk? Its free and fun to play with other people.
  10. What's Happy Wars?
  11. Its like castle crashers but there are two teams that fight each other. Like you defend towers and such. I was shocked it was free. lol
  12. So it's like Capture the flag or something?
  13. I guess you can say that. You work together with a whole team and what not. Its free so wth. lol Go download it and try it out.
  14. This game better be good or you gon get got! :aries:
  15. We need an R-Truth smiley. :dawg:

    If you like it enough I'll play with you sometime. You just have to re-add me. lol
  16. What are the team sizes? If more, I, yourself, Deathbane, Danny and Dat Kid can play.
  17. I think 10-12 maybe...? I am not sure, I haven't played online yet.
  18. Daamn, that's a lot.
  19. Yeah and the animation is cool and toony like Castle Crashers. I enjoy it.
  20. Tempted to try it out.