Storyline Good friends, better enemies

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  1. The strobe lighting goes off in a flurry as Midas new theme music hits the speaker system. Smoke bellows from the entrance as Midas makes his way out on the ramp, dressed in a regular pair of jeans and a grey zip up, and sporting more of a beard than when he last competed in an IWT ring. The former European Champion makes his way to the ring with his hands in his pockets. He throws a chair into the ring and grabs a microphone before rolling into the ring itself. He sits down on the chair and looks out at the crowd with a solemn look on his face.

    You people already know who I am....But for those few of you who don't know, or have forgotten, allow me to introduce myself: My name, is Midas. I am a former IWT European and tag team champion. I helped shape this company since day one and I have been a constant in this ring. I've gone to war with the best of them and with the best of them at my side. But in doing so I forgot the number one rule in this business: Don't trust anyone.

    You see I had myself a merry old band of brothers, wrestlers who I saw eye to eye with, who agreed that the selfishness and egomania had run to deep into this business, and that something needed to be done about it. So we banded together and formed a little group called SIN, Strength In Numbers. And all was going well, Lee won the Xtreme title, I won the European belt and Drake and I took home the tag team belts. SIN was on top of the world and proved that unity and brotherhood can change this business for the better. But we forgot, that selfishness is a disease that runs deep.

    Last December, Drake and I faced the team of Christian and Alias for the tag team titles... And we lost. I was pissed off enough about that because we saved those titles, we main evented with this titles. But what really pissed me off is the fact that Drake Wolfe, a man I considered a friend, brother and confidant, stabbed me in the back! Literally might I add. Drake hit me with my own move and ramming a rusty railroad spike into my back! Effectively ending SIN and making all we had achieved for naught!

    On that day I didn't only lose the tag team titles, I lost my best friends, While Lee isn't at fault for what Drake did he never called, he never came to check up on me as I was stuck at home, rehabbing from nerve damage in my back that could have ended my career. And then, I get stripped of the European title, despite no one from the company contacting me, asking my how I was doing or when I was expected to return! I didn't even get contacted about being stripped of the belt, my brother had to tell me after seeing it happen on TV!

    I was tossed aside, thrown away like an utility that's been used up, never to be used again. For the IWT I was all but dead. But they got something wrong, I didn't die, my career didn't end, instead it was re-ignited! A fire was lite underneath me that is burning with the fire of a thousand suns, and this inferno will swallow the IWT hold!

    Drake, you forgot something when you decided to become a Judas, that I'm not just a normal wrestler. I'm on a different level, I'm a king, I'm King Midas! And this kind has a crown of swords around his head, that he will use to cut the head off of the usurper to his throne!

    Midas stands back up.

    My name is King Midas, and my first decree as king is to declare hunting season, hunting season on wolves and dragons I will not stop, I will not yield, I will not rest until I have Drake Wolfe's head mounted on my wall!

    Brother, you messed with the psychotic king, now you'll have to pay for that in blood. I'm coming for you Drake, and I'm coming to end you.

    King Midas drops the mic and stands in the middle of the ring as his theme music plays. King Midas stares into the camera, mouthing threats and promises of pain to Drake as the crowd welcome him back as only the IWT crowd can. ​
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  2. I'll fucking end you alright.