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  1. *Trip in the Head is once again shown in his office rifling through papers as the video opens*

    TRIP: Alright IWT, listen here. I have been receiving multiple e-mails and phone calls from one Bruce Knight asking about when he is going to get his rematch for the IWT belt. Well - "I got some bad news for ya" Bruce. This company is under new management now, so as far as I'm concerned your rematch clause is null and void. Not only that, but you LOST last night to none other than my good friend, Marcus Anthony. So you don't deserve an IWT title rematch anyways. BUT, because I am such a nice guy *Trip smiles* I'll tell you what I will do. I will give you a spot in the IWT MITB ladder match. And then IF you manage to get by 5 other competitors, THEN you can have one more shot at the most prestigious title in this company whenever you want right? Here's a quick catch though. That guy I just mentioned who beat you......he'll be in the IWT MITB ladder match too, so good luck. And have a nice Knight!

    *The feed cuts to black*

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  2. A Follow up video is played of Knight, furious at Trip's decision, walking back and for in his locker room. He notices the camera and looks at them, showing them his anger through his facial expressions.

    "So, That's how you want to play it? You want to remove me from the title rematch that was in MY Contract!? Trip, You just made yourself an Enemy that you don't want....and I'll come by your office and piledrive your f***ing skull through your god damn table to make you see what damage you have done to yourself through this pathetic decision. Marcus got lucky...He got f***ing lucky against me and you move me to the ladder match?"

    Knight gets angrier and throws his chair at one of the doors before looking back at the camera.

    "You know that Joey Bryant has no other decent challenger. You have a Old midcarder in Sackfist, a lucky man who is soon to be ended in the ladder match in Anthony....and lets not forget that Farooq is gone and Dat Kid's Ego is too big for him to take part in any kind of match until SummerSlam. You and your little behind the scenes team....Your conspiring against me...Your planning to screw me over...and why? Is it because I won't extend my contract with you? Is that why? All because my stupid ass contract? Well, you know what....F*** your contract offer and F*** you Trip. I will win the Money In the Bank....I will capture what was once mine....and I will leave IWT as IWT Champion.

    Trip....You just signed your own Death Warrant."

    Knight leaves his locker room in pursuit of Trip in his rage at the decision.
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  3. *Trip emerges from the curtain with no music and makes his way quickly to the ring, visibly frustrated*

    TRIP: All right Bruce Knight. If I just signed my own death warrant then why don't you get out here and SHOW ME! *Trip yells up at the ramp* You don't wanna agree to the terms I OFFER you then you will most certainly agree to the terms I TELL you or you will get NOTHING. Get your ass out here now and we we'll settle this like men in front of the IWT crowd. Unless of course, you're too chicken. There's no desk to pile drive me through out here though Bruce. Just the good old tough canvas will have to do, if you can manage.

    *Trip throws the mic down in anger and keeps yelling at the ramp* Come on Knight! Where are you!?

  4. Soon After, Knight follows, walking down the ramp, still pissed off. He gives off a death stare towards Trip and he gives a cut throat notion before pointing to the floor on the outside. He walks up the apron and enters the ring, going up to Trip, grabbing the microphone off of him and shoving him away.

    "Your Terms are full of bullshit and are riddled with bullshit clauses and lies...Why would I want to agree to anything that is offered by a piece of shit like you? You expect me to drop all my other commitments so I can perform for IWT only? I can get paid better, booked better and all around respected better in places like ACW then in this dump. Your Desk may not be here...but I found something more lethal....The Concrete."

    As Soon as he finishes, Knight knocks Trip out of the ring and he exits as well. He takes one of the mats off the concrete and lifts up Trip on top of the concrete. As he lifts him up....
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    Aids Johnson jumps the rails coming in through the crowd, and slides into the ring. As Bruce Knight goes for the piledriver, Aids does a dive through the ropes towards both men, knocking Bruce Knight down, landing on Trip. Aids picks up the Knight, and delivers the brainbustaaaaah right onto Trips chest. Aids laughs as both men cringe in pain, shouting out "two birds with one stone!" and giving the DX chop three times.

    Aids rums back into the ring hitting two corners up as the crowd boo's, laughing. He then grabs a mic, but only uses it to hit Bruce in the head, before delivering multiple blows to Trip's ribs. He throws up two middle fingers to the crowd before walking up the ramp towards backstage, as the crowd boos.
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  6. Chris Kaizer is finally too confused that he can't sleep
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  7. For the first time ever, Ladies and Gentlemen, Chris Kaizer has Failed to get to sleep...This is such a landmark in the history of IWT!
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  8. *Trip in the head pushes Knight's body off him and rolls over, standing up slowly. He rolls into the ring wearily and grabs a mic*

    TRIP: Aids, you stupid son of a bitch! *Trip holds his ribs for a second* What the hell was that!? I guess I should thank you for not letting me get my head piledriven into the concrete right? But then you drop that piece of crap Knight across my chest!? What are you an Uso brother now? Flying threw the ropes like that with your drunk ass. Uso-crazy. How'd you think that was gonna go? *Trip starts to tremble with anger a little* I have had enough of your shit! Officially, as of this moment, Aids Johnson is banned from ringside for 90 days. If I even see him around this ring when he is not scheduled for a match he will be instantly stripped of his Talent Manager status. Not that he has done much with it anyway - other than be a pain in my ass! You'll get yours Aids, just you wait.

    *Trip drops the mic and walks up the ramp holding his ribs the whole way*
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  9. *The British Kid suddenly appears and runs down the ramp high fiving the fans but trips over bruces body*
    kid: reallyo bro?
    *kid grabs knight and throws him over the barricade before running into the ring and requests a high five from trip which trip reluctany accepts before Kid slides out of the ring and runs up the ramp and out of sight*
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  11. Knight gets up following Aids' interference and he looks more pissed off then he was before. A Camera tries to get a close up of him and he takes it from the camera man and begins to talk.

    "Aids...You want to start with me....I'll beat your ass like I did at IWTMania....I'll take care of you and Trip before my contract runs out. You are still an old dog waiting to be put to sleep....Old Dogs can't learn new tricks, Aids...and I know all your worn out tricks.

    Trip, You got off lucky but next time...I'll be sure to give you double the piledrivers....and I promise I will break your f***ing neck. No Matter who sides with you, one by one they shall fall and one by one I shall Piledrive them into the living hell known as Pain. This War is just beginning...but you are near your end."

    Knight walks up the ramp, ignoring the fans in anger as he walks backstage.