Good Night, Eduardo!

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  1. *The arena goes dark for a few seconds before bright blue lights shine on the entrance stage. The fans wait patiently for a while. Finally, out comes "Mr. Sandman" Brandon Cage. He comes out with his fists taped. He's got a red, boxing hoodie over his upper body. In his hands is a weird white powder. Brandon throws the powder up in the air and pyro goes off. The lights in the arena appear brighter as Brandon walks through the powder. He takes his hood off his head and walks down the entrance ramp. He rolls in the ring and demands a mic. He gets one and stands in the middle of the ring. Mr. Sandman goes to speak.*

    Mr. Sandman: I don't use NyQuil. I don't use anesthesia. I don't use anything but two simple things. When I want to put a man down. When I want to put a man to sleep.......I use my two bare hands. These two hands are all I need to knock a man out for the count. I've fought the biggest men, the toughest men, the strongest men, the fastest men. All of them had the same fight. They were all put to sleep. My fists are sleeping powder. When they touch you, you're going into a deep sleep. In this sleep, you're going to have dreams. No, not sweet dreams, nightmares. Nightmares of getting knocked out over and over again. That is what men feel when they try to pick a fight with me. Eduardo has picked a fight with me, and he'll suffer what everyone else has suffered. Eduardo, you better grab a mattress, pillow, and a blanket, because Mr. Sandman is about to put your ass to sleep.

    *Mr. Sandman looks dead at the camera.*

    Mr. Sandman: Go to Sleep!

    *Mr. Sandman punches the air.*

    Mr. Sandman: Good Night!