Goodbye Mark Henry

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    Best black fat ass in WWE history.
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    Such a waste, I despise Vince at times.
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    He was probably due to retire some time soon anyway, he is getting old and has a history of injuries. It's a shame he wasn't given time to recover if true, especially after his dedication to the company through all the shit booking.
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    NO KEEP MARK HERNY! He good! Don't fuck him over AGAIN!
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    What's Mark Henry doing in the impact zone Tazz?!?!
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    More likely to be Henry Mark tbh.
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    Viscera will always have the be the best black fatass in my books, not the shitty big daddy v gimmick though, talking about his viscera gimmick in the wwf days. He was scary.
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    I think that's why WWE gave Mark that huge push since he was about to have his contract expire and has been working in this company for 13 long damn years!
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    He went through 15 years of no championship and that's what makes me like him and most of all feel sad for him.
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    I'm kind of the same especially some of the crap they threw at him such as "Sexual Chocolate" and the whole hand ordeal.
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    Basically if I were in his boots I wouldn't make it this far, really, I would go straight to Vinces' office and spit right on his face.

    Sickening is what this is.
  12. Vince told him here:

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    Not exactly Vince's fault that the guy can't stay healthy
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    You should read the thread Dolph. :facepalm:

    How is getting a groin injury Henry's fault? How is being forced to compete whilst being advised not to his fault?
  15. Guys get hurt and work through pain all the time. Whether Vince let him heal from this injury or not the guy just can't stay healthy.
  16. Oh dear, I can't even begin to try and debate with that. Once again we'll agree to disagree.
  17. Thought you guys were going to debate,

    So first my face was like this

    Then it changed to this
  18. Step away man. :emoji_wink:
    Keep it healthy.
  19. Ultimately Henry agreed to go out and perform; if you are disagreeing that guys don't wrestle through injuries you are simply wrong. Henry has had every push of his career derailed by injury, it's unfortunate and if you want to give Vince some of the blame that's fine, but most of this comes down to unfortunate injury luck for Henry. And you know I'm a big Henry fan
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  20. Apologies, thought you were attacking Henry because of the injuries. I was going to explain how that's completely bad luck. In any scenario, Vince didn't handle it well. Everyone advised Henry to heal up, clearly this report states Henry wasn't happy about going out there and Vince was just being Vince, his heartless washed up self.

    Either way, turning him from the dominant heel everyone enjoyed and was drawing to the coward crap was a bad move.