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  1. *Rodrigo comes out with a suit and a folder that contains some papers. After walking down the ramp and gettin into the ring, grabs a mic and starts to speak*

    IWT Universe.. (..Cheers) two week ago Royal Rumble took place. One of the big four. Another fight, another loss. Farooq betrayed me and joined the Order. The Order. The next big thing. I've got tired of all this crap, one year ago coming out here and giving you a good show was enough to keep me happy. Then I grew up and understood my career had to evolve, I had to build a legacy. But it has been impossible. I've lost two matches in two weeks and I'm sick and tired of all this.
    Back in December 2012 I signed a contract for one year and two months. Two weeks ago, Jonathan offered me a new contract. Same money, one more year. I've been thinking ever since I got the contract.
    *Rodrigo brings out the contract*
    I'm leaving.
    *Rodrigo tears the contract*
    Does this mean I'm going to miss IWTMania2? Yes. Does this mean this is the last time you're gonna see me inside an IWT ring? Probably.
    I used to be the big fish in the small pond. That fish moved to the sea. And to be honest, I'm not ready for this. Rodrigo isnt at this level.

    Rodrigo might be done but Rhod...Holy crap. There used to be a champion in the minor leagues...Asia, Europe, Mexico..That guy used to be cheered wherever he was wrestling, he used to kick his opponent's heads in..He used to be the big deal. And he's coming back.

    This is the last time you're gonna see me in the IWT. Hope I entretained you I tried.

    *Rodrigo leaves the ring and slowly heads backstage*

    @Jonathan Would you please add me to retired/left the company?
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  2. Anyway, good bye buddy.
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  3. Weak sauce brother, though I can't say i blame you.
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  4. Dat Kid watches backstage

    Oh he's leaving again? Does anyone even care anymore?
  5. Im not leaving because Ive been losing. Thats kayfabe.
    Ive got exams and I cant be active. Those exams are pretty important cause i wanna stuy medicine and it requires a high score. 12/14. IWT is fun and I will come back once my exams are over. For summerslam
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  6. Too bad Kid has not been able to beat me yet. Loser. Jobber. Midcarder.
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  7. Peace out rainmaka
  8. I havent beaten you because i moved up to the main card while you got stuck in the midcard, so we never had a rematch. #MainEventPlayer
  9. I saw my hashtag, how can I assist you?
  10. Same old shit! Same old shit!

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  11. I said main event, not co-main event :jeritroll: ftj vs dat kid 4 moty
  12. What a no contest that was.
  13. If anyone needs cliffnotes:
    "I suck lol g2g bye"
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  14. Happy studying man