Gotta love Tesco

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  1. http:emoji_confused:/

    40 inch for just £248 is amazing.
  2. & Then you saw the reviews regarding sound? :pity:
  3. I have surround sound, doesn't really affect me.
  4. Wouldn't affect me either because I wear Turtle Beach headphones. :otunga:
  5. Tinny sound apparently. I'd rather have a projector + surround sound :smug:
  6. You lose so much quality with a projector imo. Also, Fifa sucks on it. Also, I don't ever have my current TV on loud at all lol. I only watch TV when I'm in bed late at night, watching football (if I'm not at the pub watching it) or playing Xbox. Not sure what I need it loud for :hmm:.
  7. it's tesco it will prob. come broken :haha:
  8. What is that in american?
  9. I legitimately thought this thread was created by Xanth when I saw the title considering his location is Tesco's.
  10. You obviously haven't seen a HD projector set up correctly then.
    I was watching SSN HD on it (92") on Saturday morning and it's insane how the quality remains at that size.

    Fifa is better on a projector than TV. Fact. Period. End. Finito.
  11. @[Matt] on Skype.


    He lives at Tesco. Quite literally.
  12. On the first part, how much are they? I guarantee it's not worth the extra shit load you have to pay for. And no way, Fifa on a TV is so much better. END OF DISCUSSION CASE CLOSED.
  13. This one was £485, reduced from £720.
    It's a year old, so at the time both prices were relatively cheap.

    You haven't played FIFA on a proper projector, obviously :dawg:

    Also lol at you havig Xanth's Skype avatar and his location being Tesco :lol1:
  14. Sainsbury's massive fo lyf.
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  15. :dawg:
  16. Xanth used to love you. Safe to say you saying that has made him despise you.

    He's such a tesco fan boy.
  17. Tesco4lyf

    Xanth, I now expect my contract for Chairman in the post. :gusta:
  18. He already loves you. I swear (this is not a joke) he has mentioned 3 times in Skype all together how he thinks you're an attractive male.

    He has (again, I swear) said "Lacky is hot" as well. 100% serious lol.
  19. Well I'm very flattered. :smug: