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    *The scene opens on a dark night in an old abandoned house in the woods. Trip is seen arriving in a car from his recent PWGP tour in London. Obviously frustrated by another loss he is temperamental, raging in the night as he drops his keys in some new fallen snow while he slams the door on his vehicle closed. He enters the old house and slams the door behind him*

    *The camera switches to an angle looking down a hallway into a room with a dark figure hanging by their hands in the center of the room at the end of the hall. The front door is heard slamming and Trip walks by the opening of the hallway quickly, throwing his things down off camera and grumbling to himself as the strung up figure moves slightly*

    *The camera switches to another room where Trip is now*
    TRIP: ANYONE HERE!? *no response, except Fenris scratching at the window. Trip opens the window and lets Fenris in* Had a hard time finding food while I was gone did ya? We can help with that. *Trip throws Fenris a hunk of unknown meat* Enjoy. *Trip grabs what looks to be like a roll of butcher's knives and a whip* Time to get started then.

    *Trip walks out of the room and the camera once again switches to the end of the hall and Trip enters from the left and proceeds down the hall with his tools. The camera follows him into the room with the figure which can now be seen to be Alias Antonio, beaten and bloodied. Barely conscious. Trip grabs him by the chin*
    TRIP: Shall we get started Alias? *Alias groans out a "Where am I?" and Trip slugs him in his exposed gut hard and mumbles to himself angrily* I'll show him a "wild man". *Slugs Alias again in the gut and he forces out a "Why are you doing this?"* Thinks I'm joking when I say meat piñata!? *Slugs Alias again and he spits up some blood* DO YOU THINK I'M JOKING!? *punches Alias in the face and walks away from him. Trip grabs the whip and stands behind Alias* You will give in to the Order. *The whip cracks thunderously in the night as Alias writhes in pain that Trip relishes in. Fenris begins growling and snapping at Alias' feet. The whip cracks again and Alais screams out in pain as the blood on his back from the whip wounds begins to pool and drip down. Trip snaps the whip once more and Alias' body jumps at the pain and then slumps back down, hanging from his hands*
    TRIP: Hahahahahaha, not much fight left in you is there double A? So close to the edge. All you need is a little push. *Trip grabs the butchers tools and pulls out a large knife. He slashes at Alias abdomen, just cutting him enough to make him bleed. In one smooth motion after the slash Trip brings the knife up to Alias' neck and presses it against the skin* Bye bye double A.

    *Just then Britannica and Marcus rush into the house. Marcus runs ahead as Britannica slowly walks into the house, oh so nonchalantly*
    MARCUS: TRIP! STOP! *Marcus grabs the hand with the knife and keeps Trip from slitting Alias' throat, but the knife remains at his throat* He will be one of us. We do not want to kill this one! *Trip stares back at his tag team partner with rage in his eyes. He finally drops the knife and yells into the night. He flips a nearby table with all the tools on it. Throws a chair through the window. Punches a hole in the wall. Then Britannica finally reaches the room after slowly walking down the hallway while this all took place. Trip sees her and stops. She slowly walks up to him and slaps him. Trip slumps down in a shadowy corner where Fenris joins him as he pats his four legged compatriot*

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    *Britanica approaches Alias with a smile on her face* "Look at what he did to you... Are you in pain? Should I call a doctor?" *Alias appears to nod his head yes and Britanica laughs and slaps him in the face, blood drops paint the floor* "That would be far too easy. We brought you here to bring out your carnal nature. To help you give into your flesh and devour your fears. There is no success without pain.. No pain with out success. You have to overcome all that you knew." *Fenris approaches slowly next to Britanica and begins licking up blood* "People tend to fear what they don't understand... Hate what they can't comprehend... I... No, WE are the ones that stalk in the night. We are the ones that people fear. We are the ones that thrive on hate. No one will stop our plans. No one will stand in our way. We will take down that ungodly disgrace, claim our gold and set our future up high above the stars. The moon... She will smile on us. *The black wolf with the unknown name appears in the shadows and walks up to Britanica with a syringe* "Now I won't tell you what is in this... But I can tell you it is going to hurt. Don't fear death, it's not your time yet." *She stabs the syringe into Alias' thigh and injects him with an unknown substance* "Marcus... Finish this up. And never mind if you get your hands a little bloody in the process." *Britanica starts to laugh as she walks away, pauses and looks in Trips direction - He quickly stands and followers her, and soon after Fenris follows behind them. The black wolf sits by Marcus' side awaiting the next move.*
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  3. Marcus:Trip, remember our cause. Use this anger and remember this feeling when our enemies are looking into the whites of our eyes.
    *Marcus grabs Trip's shoulder with his right hand*
    Why destroy another weapon while we are preparing for war? All is not lost in defeat, as you made it known brother that YOU are a force to be reckoned with. You brought that man to the brink and it took every ounce of him to win. It was one battle you lost, not the war as that is just beginning. Look at us! Growing by the day. More and more do we enstill fear into the hearts of those that stand against us.
    *Marcus walks over to Alias*
    Mr.Antonio, we haven't had the pleasure of meeting while you were conscious. I am Marcus Anthony. I've noticed you've had something inside of you that has been waiting to come out. Something that has been burning you down to your core. We intend to bring the fire out of you to bring the best of you that has been wanting to emerge.
    *all three members walk up to Alias and the camera fades to black*
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