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  1. What are some great albums worth downloa...errr buying? :pity: :phew:

    I want some uplifting ones. Can't think of anything I want though.
  2. That's not heavy metal... or metal in general is it? :nogusta:
  3. Nah.

  4. This is one of the best albums ever released. No one really knows it though, considering it was very very very early floyd.

  5. Try this song, it's one of my favorites when I need uplifting.
  6. I believe you will find the spiritual poetry of big Pun to be very inspirational and uplifting

  7. Sound sounds like a combo of Incubus and Red Hot Chilli Peppers....

  8. :mad2:
  9. Can't help you there, 99% of the stuff i listen to is heavy :pity:
  10. Gorillaz- Demon Days

    Flogging Molly- Speed of darkness(instant uplift)

    The Streets- Original Pirate Material
  11. What about 3DG - One-X
  12. What do you listen to Brit?
  13. such a good album
  14. You probably won't like the music I listen to
  15. 1.Minus the Bear- Planet of Ice and Minus the Bear - Menos el Oso are both really good albums, everything they did after that is garbage though :downer:
    2.Circa Survive-Juturna and Circa Survive- On Letting Go are great, the two albums after that are good as well, you probably won't like it though since the singer's voice is high :pity:
    3.Thrice- Vheissu and their albums after that are pretty good, the singer incorporates Christian messages into his lyrics as well so you'd probably like that

    That's pretty much all I got in my "soft music" arsenal.
  16. Mainly alternative and 90's music. I like early 2000 rock stuff but more of the newer stuff, its just meh.
  17. Hannah Montana: Best Of Both Worlds
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