Great Khali moved to alumni section

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Nov 14, 2014.

  1. [​IMG]

    So either a quiet release or a quiet retirement.

    Best of luck and all such
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  2. Oh, thank God! :yes:
  3. Long overdue. :woohoo:
  4. Good riddance... even though he's barely on television anymore anyway.
  5. About fucking time
  6. This is no way for a legend to go out...

    also, jesus, what a page... GIllberg, Khali, Gobbely GOoker, Giant Gonzalez. lol.
  7. legend :awyeah:
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  8. You have to figure it's a quiet release.. or at least I have to hope so that is..
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  10. :rollins:
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  11. Brad may not be done quite yet, they still haven't officially announced anything with him..

    It looks like on November 13th, Khali's contract expired and he voluntarily left the WWE.
  12. Was gonna say what Sharpy said. He's been there for a while.
  13. They better bring Maddox back as a face vigilante guy.

    Also, goodbye Khali. I'll miss your karate chops in your 1 minute long matches.
  14. Lol at Khali.

    As for Maddox that's WWE kicking a golden goose in the bin. Stupid move. He was damn near the best thing on RAW at times.
  15. Gosh, that took a long time.
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  17. Maybe there is a God after all.:hmm: