News Spoiler Greatest man that ever lived spotted at Full Sail?

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  1. Three non-WWE talents have supposedly been spotted in Winter Park Florida, home of Full Sail where NXT tapes, as well as on campus.

    James Storm is apparently back for a second round and his old TNA tag partner Gunner is in the building as well.

    Most exciting name tho? This guy:
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    Greatest tapings ever? Or is he just there to talk?

  2. The suit is too classy for a casual visit, there's got to be a meeting at the least. At the most he comes out and out-classes every motherfucker on the roster.
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  3. There is also talk of a "bigger name" being on site. With the likliest name I have seen being Liger coming in for a round 2.
  4. Jeff Jarrett to announce that one NXT competitor has a chance to become the NEXGEN Champion.

    Realistically, Roode would be great. Is he a bigger name than Aries? That's the question.
  5. OMG if Roode and Aries show up I'mma start watching NXT
  6. Storm for round 2, yay!

    Meh, don't really care for Gunner.

    Aries to sign with NXT?! Please and thank you! Bring in Roode, too!
  7. - Former Impact Wrestling and Ring Of Honor star Austin Aries was just spotted arriving at Full Sail University, the location of tonight’s NXT TV tapings.

    Austin Aries, who has worked for both ROH and TNA this year, briefly stopped to sign autographs on his way into the venue. While he is present, his role is unclear and it is not confirmed that Aries will be used in an on-air capacity.

    Due to TNA previously taping World Title Series matches over the summer, Aries is currently still appearing on Impact Wrestling on Destination America in the tournament.

    Twitter user @JIMBO1222, who spotted James Storm at Full Sail University in early October, spotted Austin Aries today and took a photo.

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  10. I really hope he isn't one of the talents that are supposed to be an exclusive. But, if they're expanding as much as its been rumored he'll probably be better off.
  11. I'm sure he's just looking for some college education.
  12. Trips will know how to build him, and Vince will then bury him to put somebody like that King dude from Serbia over
  13. It's not even certain that Aries has signed with NXT. So let's not get ahead of ourselves here. But, even if he does sign, what can you expect? He'll get the proper treatment in NXT and then once/if he's called up to the main roster, he'll get royally fucked over there.
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  14. Source

    2016 would become even more sweeter if A Double came.
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  15. Please bring A Double to WWE.
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  16. Sucks Storm went back to TNA. Was hoping for a big NXT run. Anyways, I hope A Double stays away. WWE is taking everything. Little will be left for other companies. Killing competition was always WWE's thing, but this...this is just not cool.

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  17. Will he back Lilian Garcia or Eden into a corner and put his crotch in their face if they pronounce his name wrong? :smirk2:
  18. What?
    The indies are stacked, international markets are stacked with talent.

    The business, from a talent perspective has never been better.
    Besides, WWE cannot sign everyone. The PC fits 100 people + staff
  19. Biggest draws have been scooped up or are in Japan.
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