Greatest Match Finish Ever

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Bort, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Sadly, I only have a description since it happened today and did not air on Japanese TV yet:

    I really, really have to see this.
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  2. I hope beer gets his rematch, that guy has a huge future.
  3. Yeah, Beer learned a lot from SCSA and James Storm.
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  4. loved this. Link or it never happened, dont care if it takes months.
  5. Impact needs to get on the phone with that chicken's people. Sign it ASAP; I think it has potential.
  6. Poor Chicken...Never got a rematch.
  7. Chicken was devoured for a KO.
  8. Beer vs Undertaker 20-1
  9. It was only "storyline devoured." Chicken is alive and well. It's not being utilized properly in Japan and needs to sign on with Impact.

    I think we all need to see video of that. Talk about an outstanding match; I can only imagine what the crowd was like.
  10. Oh shit, it's :russo:
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  11. Now chicken is good, he MIGHT become the next big thing, but you see he needs a manager. Now lets get him Paul Heyman, with Paul Heyman chicken can just keep his role as the monster heel and keep squashing the little guys. Beer will be working his way to the top on his own. Beer has tremendous talent too, just needs a more of an impact finisher, and maybe a submission, but other then that he can get good air, has some good grapple move, is a hardcore type of fighter, and can work well if on the floor. Now after Beer finally gets his way to the world championship picture, Chicken becomes world champion. At Slammiversery we will have Chicken vs Beer for the world heavyweight championship, and to make it personal the day before Chicken goes over to Beer's house and beats up his father, Keg. That way they'll be hating each other and will add even more excitement to this match.
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  12. :lol1: Such creative talent.
  13. Sad part is....
    Show Spoiler
    It'll last longer then Daniel Bryan's Wrestlemania match :sad:
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  14. Typical chicken burial. So generic.
  15. ...This is why I cannot get into Puro.
  16. You love it.
  17. Lol @ chicken love ITT

    Vanilla midget if there ever was one. Beer on the other hand has the charisma and technical ability to be a star in the States. I just wonder if he enjoys working in Japan so much that we will never get to see him :emoji_slight_frown:
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  18. Anyway, someone asked for the link: http:emoji_confused:/

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  19. *opens link, immediately sees "Climax 22"* .... heh, heh, climax, heh

  20. It was a stella( r) performance from you Beer. Sadly though, bud, it just wasn't enough to capture the title. I'm not sure if beer wants another title shot but Chicken will be there egging him on, or they might have another alcohol type in for the title de cider.