Storyline Greatness has Arrived

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  1. *The lights go out as the start piano plays, then as soon as the screaming begins the lights intensely start to strobe from light to dark and back again. Until finally a unknown man walks out from the back, wearing a black t-shirt with jeans, a toothpick in his mouth, and a microphone in hand. He stops at the ramp, and his music stops as he put the microphone up to his mouth and begins to speak.

    Vítor Mata: IWT... IWT. *deep breath* Greatness has arrived... I go by many names: Once in a Century talent, Pride of Portugal, Rock n' Rolla, and Pro Wrestlings Conquistador. However you people may call me Vítor Mata.

    *The crowd boos, and Vítor has a dumbfounded look on his face as this happens*

    Vítor Mata: Oh come on people, that's not how you welcome a living legend. Let's try that again, but this time you cheer me.

    *The crowd boos even louder, which puts a very flustered look on the face of Vítor Mata*

    Vítor Mata: Ahh... You people want to play hardball. I had a feeling this would happen. All of you American Idiots wouldn't appreciate true greatness, but yet you would support any stooges that work here... *scoff* Typical. I digress though, The reason I signed the multi-million dollar contract that Michael offered and the reason I am here to let all the people in attendance and everyone in the back, that I'm staking my claim for the IWT Championship.

    *Vítor grins and walks to the backstage while his music plays*

  2. "Greatness has Arrived"
  3. Greatness you say?