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Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by RaveWayneBoo, Oct 29, 2013.

  1. Yo. Names Wayne, I'm new. Brita recommended this forum since the one I am on is complete shit.
    All time favorite wrestler - Bret Hart, followed by Kurt Angle. Favorite current WWE Superstar is Daniel Bryan. Don't watch TNA.
    I wrestle on the indies as RaveWayneBoo. Wrestled since I was 15 with a break in my 20's.
  2. Welcome to the site and stuff. You do know that Brita smells really bad, yeah?
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  3. lol, you signed up. Hey Wayne.
  4. That's her husband. :urm:
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  5. Sure does.
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  6. Bret is your fav followed by Angle? You and I will get along fine sir. Welcome to the forum.
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  7. Hey Punk. Gna sign up for the wrestling league soon.
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  8. Perfect.
  9. Nice.
    Is the DLC thing fixed for you?
  10. I don't have outsiders but somethin online said they might not update the store till 6PM EST
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  11. Cool. Well, I'll try to get the game soon and then we'll play or something. Doubt anyone here does the spamming shit.
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  12. Thats what i'm lookin for, just to play the game for fun online without spamming grapples lol
  13. Sup man enjoy this place
  14. hey yo lol
  15. Thanx man I heard this is a cool spot.

    haha hi
  16. It's a cool place indeed sir
  17. OH HELL YES! :pipebomb:
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  18. You guys are like, beside each other. wtf?
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  19. :urm:
  20. I could just imagine you guys discussing this thread.

    Britta in her head: *You know what would be funny? If I posted in Wayne's thread and said hi when he's right beside me! Hehehe

    *Britta types message and posts

    *Wayne looks at post

    Wayne: [​IMG]

    Britta: [​IMG]
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