Greetings to all wrestlers and wrestling fans!

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  1. Hi there!

    They call me Davide...
    I'm a wrestling fan and since december 2013 I also do some wrestling training. Let's say I'm a wrestler, but not a professional one.
    I like quick matches (max 6-7 minutes) and I dislike ethernal matches (like Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar - the end of the streak). Some of my favourite matches are Lita vs Dean Malenko and Hunter Helmsley vs Taka Michinoku.

    I like to bypass videogame limits (for example: does Tomb Raider require to shoot people/beasts? I will finish the game without harming a single enemy), and that's the main reason I'm here for: while playing WWE RAW 2002 (I think the latest wresting pc game) I was able to win a 2-1 handicap match in a completely pacifist way.
    I will share the video soon...I hope you will like it, because it's the first in its genre (if you Youtube-search "wwe pacifist", only my video will appear)

    That's all for now...bye!!! :)
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  2. That's an odd way to introduce yourself.. Welcome Davide.
  3. Hey there, welcome.
  4. Welcome to WWEF.
  5. Nice to fuckin' meet ya Davey.
  6. Hi and welcome.
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