Greg Valentine Says Women Don't Belong In The Ring

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  2. A freaking legend.
  3. Raised by parents born in the 20s, what do you expect. Just an old man stuck in the past.
  4. Old mindset for an old man. Seriously though, the same people who're surprised by this were probably the same ones that were shocked to find out that Hogan was racist. What do you expect from guys who were born before an era where race and gender are accepted as equals?
  5. LOL, fuck what this guy thinks.
  6. While I can respect him and his right to hold those views, I don't think he's converting a lot of people to those views.

    Besides, anybody who doesn't appreciate the fact that Lita-Trish, Gail-Mickie, Becky-Sasha, etc., aren't quality wrestling obviously isn't somebody I'm going to agree with. They may not be your cup of tea, but they are good wrestlers.

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  7. Old man has out of date views on women, what's new?
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  8. Pretty petty thing to say, even if it is from someone in the past.
  9. Everything he said is correct. Every woman's match i've ever seen is awkward as hell.
  10. Interesting point of view considering how he currently looks like an old woman :hmm:

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  11. Uhhh say that to Ronda Rousey's face.
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  12. Caitlyn Valentine?

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  13. I was laughing my ass off when I read this. But he's old. That's it, plain and simple.
  14. Greg Valentine is becoming the Abe Simpson of wrestling.