Storyline Grey Eyes

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  1. The sound of a harmonica reverberates throughout the arena. The lights are unchanging and the tron continues to play the IWT logo on a loop as usual. There is a certain chill in the air as attention is drawn to the stage. No one walks through the curtains for quite some time and then the titantron goes dark, so do all the lights surrounding the stage area.

    A man with a shaved head walks from the side of the stage, wearing a ragged and loose grey cloth shirt as well as loose and tattered pants, with Dat Kid's boots. However this isn't Dat Kid as his cold grey eyes stare directly into the camera that approaches him. The man walks aimlessly towards the crowd, standing only feet from them, staring, face unmoved showing no anger or happiness, but intrigue.

    The man walks to the ring and enters it. The crowd, now bored boo the man in the ring as he stands in the middle unmoved. One of the crew hands him a mic, the man looks at the crew member, then gently takes the mic and stares at it.

    "Alias" is what the man mutters into the microphone before tossing it to the ground, then walks out of the ring.

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