Storyline Grocery Shopping with Da Beacon

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  1. At Stop and Shop
    *Duggan drives his jeep straight through the market doors, people scream and run, Duggan jumps out of his vehicle with a green guitar, a clerk slowly approaches him*
    Clerk: W-w-who are you?
    Duggan: ITS IS I! DA BEACON, I come on behalf of the injured master Wang who cannot complete his grocery shopping, so he sent me. He told me to do it for his Doctor Uniform that saved him life, and so I will, here! *Gives Clerk his guitar*
    Clerk: What do you want me to do with this?
    *Duggan gets out a gray guitar*
    Dexx: You don't know how to Grocery Hunt?
    Clerk: Uh, no?
    Dexx: You work at a Grocery Store! The Kangaroo son would have you're head by now! Start playing!
    Clerk: But...
    Dexx: play!
    *Clerk plays random notes on the guitar*
    Dexx: Good follow me through the aisles...*Dexx starts playing along with him*
    *Dexx approaches produce, picks up bananas*
    Dexx: Wang's Favorite! *Puts in his cart, approaches potatoes* GASP! *Picks up a potato* Are you ok? *Puts ear to potato,slaps the Clerk, he stops playing*
    Clerk: AH!!! WHAT?!?!
    Dexx: You must set this potato and its family free at once! You have till midnight, but right now, keep playing! *They continue playing, Duggan approaches the Deli, the Butcher is standing there looking at what happened*
    Butcher: Dude? Did you drive your car right in here? Y'know the cops are gonna be here soon...and uhh... the potatoes?
    Dexx: All I need in Muenster Cheese for our Muenster and Corn Beef so the Beef has some corn, you see between you and me the beef likes hitting the lotto if he has no corn and we can't afford him to keep paying for the lotto tickets so we gotta keep him happy with as much corn as possible.
    Butcher: *Stands for a minute* Yeah...alright... *Gives Dexx his desire*
    Dexx: Thank you! *Plays chord* The Boar Head will see you truley! *Dexx and Clerk move onto the Bakery, the baker just stands there, Dexx makes eye contact, then look at cakes, then smashes the glass, the bake screams as he grabs 2 cakes, give them to the baker, he is confused* Its only appropriate we give sweets to the less fortunate.
    Baker: Oh uh... thank you...
    Dexx: Feel free to take the rest... now then my companion onward through the aisles!

    (The following a grocery shopping montage with Dexx Duggan and his Clerk companion, feel free listen to this while you read what happens)
    *Dexx starts with Cereal, he picks up a few boxes dumps out the contents in half of each then places them in his cart, he then goes to Coffee and starts eating a little out of the bag, then gives some to the clerk, he refuses to have some, then he throws it to the ground. They then go to energy drinks, Dexx bows, and begins talking to the cans, he introduces the Clerk, he waves wondering what he's doing, he then grabs a ton of the Monster and Red Bull, tells the clerk to bow, he bows, they go to a snack aisle, Dexx stops and knocks all the snacks off the shelfs, he wrecks the whole aisle, the Clerk is confused then just follows Dexx to the Dinner Section, Dexx grabs a few cans of tomato sause, then a few boxes of pasta, then he comes by a bunch of bags of popcorn, he starts screaming and jumping and takes like 20 boxes. They continue to the Dog Food Aisle, Dexx begins telling the Clerk a story about the origins of the independence of dog food, the Clerk gasps and starts bowing nonstop, Dexx stops him and tells him to take the milk bones and give one to the cans of Lamp Chop meal, he does so. They go to cleaning supplies, Dexx grabs a mop and some laundry detergent. Nothing unusual here, he then gets a phone call, after he hangs up he grabs the mop and destroys it then screams at it, then grabs the clerk by the throat and tells him never to trust mops again. Onward to Paper shit, he grabs a bunch of toilet paper and towels, gives them to the clerk, tells him its only for the best in the future. Then to the bread, Dexx grab a a ton of bread loaves, but takes one and throws it halfway down the aisle, they go to frozens, Dexx grabs a ton of pizza bagels and pizza bites and everything pizza related, he then takes out a key of some sort and tosses it into a freezer, he tells the clerk to check on that key in 6 years or so, he's punishing it. Now to milk, he takes a gallon and dumps it on the other store clerk, then gets a stick of butter and drops it down his pants, he looks at the clerk with the guitar and he plays a chord, then Dexx plays a chord, he grabs another gallon of milk. This ends the montage.*
    Dexx: Welp, this is all I need, I hope you enjoyed your first grocery hunting.
    Clerk: yeah...hehe.. uhh alrighty...
    Dexx: Would you like to meet my master? We can use someone like you in the council... you can get out this job and live the life...
    Clerk: What? I can't I-
    *Police cars sound, Dexx KOs the clerk tosses him in the back of his jeep with the groceries and drives out of the market, this ends the scene.
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