Group Titles?

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  1. Should they be okay in this section or no?
    Give me your input on it.

    Since DX is the only group belt up, it does seem unfair.
  2. Keep it here cause there is a larger amount of people who can vote.
  3. Edit: Bonus post cause my INTERNET is gay.
  4. Your internet is a male internet who likes other male internets? :shock:

    Anyways, that is true. I just don't want people to think I am leaving it because I am in the DX group. I would happily add other group belts as well but no one else seems to care about them.

  5. It should be group title 3v3 at least. nWo will be taking this soon.
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  6. Err, she meant, like, other groups having titles she can add it instead of just DX. nWo can't take a DX belt, lmao.

    But then, it sparks a good idea of having Group Championship belt. :hmm:
  7. Considering only DX members can vote for them it doesn't make much sense for them to be in this section.
  8. Three options we can choose one:

    -Every group gets their own title defended in their section
    -There is a group championship created and defended in a 3v3 battle as per Aids' idea
    -DX keeps their title to themselves and everyone shuts up about it
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  9. The first option seems fair.
  11. Rename DX championship and the belt as a whole to a group championship. This is only fair to all and every single group.
  12. Did you read the thread?
  13. [​IMG]

    You can resize that and use it if you want nWo.
  14. Yes, a championship for every group? This will contain too many titles. It makes sense having a default group belt so that groups can battle for it.
  15. If it's only talked about/defended in your own group, it won't clutter the IWT section.
  16. -Every group gets their own title defended in their section
    (If they want it)


    That's what we're doing.
  17. Image is down.
  18. The DX belt should be the overall group belt. The holder of the belt repesents their group and it changes every time a different group posses it. It also should be put in that any member of the group who holds the belt can defend it even if a different member from their group won it
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  19. Said that already. :pity2:
  20. So you would like the belt to switch between groups but when a new group takes it, they change it to their belt?
    And you would like to make it so everyone in the group, no matter who holds the title, can make challenges to other group members?