Grudge Match: Anderson Challenges MVP In Wake of Melendez Disrespect!

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    Two weeks ago, at No Surrender, Kenny King and MVP disrespected and attempted to embarass American War Hero Chris Melendez. After a variety of inexcusable insults, King and Melendez squared off in a match that found Melendez victorious. However, after the match is where things took a turn for the worse. The two attacked and belittled "Sarge" until Mr. Anderson, a mentor of Melendez, charged to the ring and put a stop to the attack.

    In wake of the attack, Mr. Anderson has issued a challenge to MVP and the two will face off in singles competition on Wednesday's IMPACT! Anderson, a fellow Veteran and member of the Wounded Warior Project, aims to teach a lesson in respect to MVP and will surely be the fan-favorite entering the contest.

    In the build-up to this matchup, take a look back with us at both what unfolded at No Surrender as well as the heroic story of Chris Melendez!


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