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  1. Username: DylanTM

    Availability: Most Days, Going To Cork In A While, Going To Belfast Later, Will Get Dates

    Have you competed here before?: One show, NGW Original

    Do you agree to the rules?: Yeah.

    Character Name: Guernica

    Height/Weight: 5'8 ; 192lbs

    Residence: Tijuana, Mexico

    Character Base/Appearance: Mistico II

    In-Ring Attire: Mistico's standard white and gold attire.

    Entrance Attire: Golden cape alongside what was mentioned above.

    Entrance Music: Lord Of The Land - Kevin McLeod

    Entrance Actions: 'Lord Of The Land' by Keviin McLeod plays throughout the arena as "The Golden Eagle", Guernica, bursts out from behind the curtains. He hypes up the crowd from the stage before making his way down the ramp, slapping the hands of out reaching fans. The Savior goes around the ring and continues to slap the fans' hands before rolling into the ring. He falls to his knees and points both of his hands to the sky as sparks fall from above. The Gladiator Of Lucha Libre then kips up to his feet and bows to his opponent.

    Wrestling Style: Athletic, High Flying, High Risk; Technical; Martial Arts

    Finishing Move: Tijuana Thunder (Tiger Bomb)

    Signature Moves: Diving Headbutt, Tijuana Twist (Twisting Tiger Suplex), Golden Kick (Savate Kick)

    Holds: Dragon Sleeper, Traditional Sleeper, Cattle Mutilation, Various Armbars, Arm Trap STF, Rope Trap Chicken Wing, Triangle Choke, Kneebar, Cobra Clutch, Kimura Lock, Body Scissor

    Strikes: Various Lariats, Open Handed Slaps, Chops, Dropkick, Dropsault, Shining Wizard, Enziguri, Kitchen Sink, Knee Strike, Roundhouse Kick, Spinning Heel Kick, Forearm Smash; No Closed Fists, Spinning Heel Kick, Calf Kick, Savate Kick,

    Aerial: Anything that's legal within the Laws Of Physics

    Throws: Arm Drag (Japanese & Traditional), Hip Toss, Hurricanrana (Traditional & Reverse), Underhook Suplex, Snap Suplex, Cobra Clutch Suplex, German Suplex, Backslide, Crucifix, Monkey Flip,

    Taunts: Two Hands Pointing To Sky (Often While Bending To One Knee).

    Ring Psych: Strictly fair play, no dirty/underhanded tactics.