Forum Game "Guess the Movie Quote"

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    All quotes must be in quotations and the movie title as well as the Character who said the line need's to be named. Whoever post's correctly get's to Go post the next Quote

    " Im tranning the world's most Dominant Pug "
  2. John Cena - 12 Rounds

    " Are you talkin to me? Are.. you.. talkin.. to.. me?!"
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  3. "Taxi Driver"?
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  4. "late at night when all the world is sleeping I stay up and think of u"
  5. Definitely The Magic Roundabout
  6. nope this one is about a singer played by JLo
  7. Uh, I would have to guess Selena then
  8. I think it's spelt the jungle book
  9. You lost me lol
  10. I don't watch movies with transexuals. @Dolph'sZiggler will know the quote, however. He's WWEF's Rice-a-roni.
  11. Schindler's list? no no, wait, was it Citizen Kane?
  12. Beerfest. "Back off antonio! My dick"
  13. No ''Selena''
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