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  1. *Jacob walks to the ring, mic in hand, with his old look but a new theme*​
    Hi and welcome to Jacob Colton's return! What's up IWT universe? I hope you're doing ok and having fun tonight. In the end, that's why you paid this tickets.
    *Crowd cheers*​
    But you bought this tickets mainly because of me. You knew I was going to return from my suspension and what would be better than watching the greatest wrestler this company has at this moment? Well, I could tell you what's better for each and everyone here.
    *Points a fat guy in the crowd also known as Xanth*​
    This guy should stop eating so much junk food.
    *Crowd boos and Jacob points a really white man*​
    This guy should leave the UK and come to live to the US. If he was a bit whiter he would the mirror I have at home. You should look at our General Manager, everything in his body is black and if you don't believe me ask some of the whores in the backstage
    *Crowd boos and Jacob stops pointing people and stands in the ring*​
    And now we have a new show where I have to team up again with my old partner to face that stupid self-proclaimed cure... Doesn't the IWT learned something when I was out of here? Well, actually they did. They learned to change stupid stuff no one cares about. Yeah, they changed our general manager because our old general manager fucked FTJ everywhere. Of course, Jonathan needed to do a little favor to our new GM, you know what I'm talking about, just because that bitch didn't want to lose his pathetic job.
    *Crowd doesn't know how to react*​
    And now I come out and see your stupid faces looking amazing when we have a lot of newcomers who don't want to fight anyone else in the roster if it isn't for a title... Come on, this is wrestling. We come here to entertain you all and get paid. Of course money is the most important thing for me, but why should I talk you about my personal life? No one cares about what I do in my personal life. Well. I'm going to leave because you've already seen me too much and I don't want to give you more than what you've paid for.
    *Jacob starts walking to the backstage as his new theme hits*​

  2. *Jacob is starting to leave the ring but*​
    *The light go out, Jacob stands confused in the ring, The lights come back on, Jacob turns around and is hit with Adam's briefcase, Adam starts throwing punches into Jacob, Adam awaits for him to get up, Adam runs and hits a superkick, He takes his briefcase, Stands over Jacob's lifeless body and holds the briefcase high*​
  3. *Alkaline watches backstage*

    If it isn't one thing, then it is another. This company I tell you.

    *Alkaline walks off*
  4. *Suddenly Jacob stands up bleeding*​
    It seems we're going to start the same way we did the last time...
    *Jacob connects with a Twist of Fate on Adam and extends his hand smieling*
  5. Jacob is superman
  6. No selling shitbreak.
  7. Why am I Superman?
  8. You no sold being hit in the head with a briefcase.
  10. Didn't say anything about my head...
  11. OOC this is why this company is fucked. Adam needs to learn to take a few hits before doing his bullshit, and nanorah you arent invincible. :pity2: to you both.
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  12. I know i'm not invincible, that's why I said I stood up bleeding, but what should I do? Keep watching like in one stupid promo I'm knocked out? I'd understand if I get kicked because this is a place to interact in character, but I won't stay here watching how I'm knocked out in one stupid move... If my character is tired I would wait some time to get back up but come on, I'm fresh and it was one stupid attack that even a kid would resist...
  13. you stand up bleeding, look at your hand covered in blood, and stumble backstage. You might need hopspital help

    The thing is people need to learn to live to fight another day. That is the concept with REGULAR/LONG BUILDS. You dont win them all, and we arent kicking out of finishers like we are a team of cena's. Just saying man.
  14. That's right too, I know I can't always win. This was actually a comeback thread. I said while using this character that I wouldn't quit, but you're right so let me fix what I did.
  15. it's more to adam than you man, We all just need to work on not using magic finishers like we are a crew full of Cena vs Sheamus matches. Pass on that BS>
  16. Kinda agree with Aids. Some people on this roster need to learn how to propel a story forward. To use a real wrestling metaphor. Instead of being a spot monkey, working to get all your typical spots into every match/post. Think of how you can best move the story you want to tell forward.
  17. *After executing the Twist of Fate, Jacob falls to the floor. He isn't moving and the medical team comes out to help him*​
    *Jacob leaves the arena in an ambulance, he may not be able to wrestle again in two days* ​
  18. Nano could shot in the face, still get up, and stumble backstage. And Adam would attack the top face of IWT just to make himself look good without any regards to the other person. :true:
  19. Actually I thought about that and that was something I kinda wanted. I knew Adam was gonna attack me because it was planned, but an attack, not knocking me out...
  20. I wouldn't because I'd be dead...