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  1. *a prison van pulls up at the arena and whos this coming out the van? Its gav the chav he's been released from prison it looks like he's coming out here to the arena. Gav taker a mic and makes his way to the ring*

    (gav the chav) hahahaha i'm back thats right gav the chav has returned to IWT wow this place gone downhill since i was here last what the fuck are you doing Jonathan gav is dissappointed in you i guess this is what happens when you put a mackam in charge now where has gav been you may may ask? Well basically some little prick backstage told the pigs that i'd been selling drugs to kids or some shit like that guess what? I was released without charge now gav wants to know which one of you ****s backstage told the pigs a load of shit about me come on face me like a man

  2. The lights flicker before Aids Johnson's theme hits, and the crowd pops as the pyro goes off, before Aids Johnson walks out. He stops at the top of the ramp, and Holds up his title, trash talking at Gav as he looks on, straight faced and half smiling at it being Aids who walks out. The champ walks down to the ring, and walks up the steps, going on the corner and holding up his title again, facing Gav while doing so. He jumps down and grabs a mic from ringside, before walking back over to Gav.

    Gav, Gav, Gav. It was me who turned you in. Kids, man, kids. They are our future, and what path are you leading them down? Now, I know you are underpaid here, but thats what convicts like you have to settle for. If you weren't here, i'm sure you'd be a great dishwasher or custodian. Hell I bet jail was an upgrade, it's a shame they had to get an inside tip on the drugs found not being yours. *Aids grins* You see i couldnt let you sit time in jail, knowing i never decimated you. And the good news is that if Jonathan closes this bitch down, i still know where to find you.

    I hear you're a two promotion kind of wrestler now, jumping ship along with the rest of the girls, skirt up taking whatever promotional dick you can find, and Dat Kid found you all too quickly. Just remember, i may have turned you in, but i also am the one who got you out. In my book you owe me one. Time for me to collect, which backhand do you prefer, left or right?
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  4. (gav the chav) eee you little sly silly **** who the fuck do you think you are you horrible little grass You fucking little grass your the worst kind of human being even worse than a dirty little paedophile you disgust me i owe you nothing you stupid prick you wanna know what happened to the last guy who grassed me up? i'll tell you what happen right after this scrony little prick went to the pigs me and the boys jumped the little prick hahahaha it was funny as fuck anyway we roughed him up a little bit then we took him to the forrest stripped him bollock naked we were gunna leave him there but that would be too cruel wouldn't it so gav went back poured petrol all over him and set the little pricks arse on fire hahahaha it was fucking epic oh god anyway back to you so you think gav owes you something? do i fuck you cheeky bastard your lucky i ain't put you on your arse right now if anything you owe me now gav understands theres a few people ahead of me in the pecking order for a title shot thats fine gav believes in fairness and all but that doesn't stop you facing me at the next uprising in an non title match i want an opportunity to fuck you up that the least you can do Jonathan make this shit happen