Gutcheck Challenge Concept Gets A Major Tweak

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    In the Spring of 2012IMPACT WRESTLING brought the TNA Gut Check to Spike TV! This competition sees an aspiring wrestler got a chance to tell his story, have a match and be evaluated with the ultimate goal of earning an IMPACT WRESTLING contract! Alex Silva, Taeler Hendrix, Sam Shaw, Wes Brisco and Christian York have all passed their Gut Checks to earn a spot on the roster. Now, the competition is getting even bigger!

    Previously, the TNA Gut Check contestant would wrestle a member of the IMPACT WRESTLING roster in an attempt to impress the judges! Starting on Thursday’s broadcast, TWO Gut Check contestants will compete head-to-head. They will tell their story and face off against each other in the Gut Check match! The judging panel (Sr. VP of Talent Relations Bruce Prichard, Sr. Director of Talent Relations Al Snow, and former Two-Time World Champion Taz) will evaluate both wrestlers performance and give their final verdict on the January 17 IMPACT broadcast.

    Tune in Thursday night to find out who these two new TNA Gut Check contestants are and follow their journey!


  2. Cool tweek, I wonder who books the one that goes over. I hope it isn't the judges cause I want to believe the voting isn't a work.
  3. Oooohhhh, I'm very much intrigued! This should make it that much better. Was just reading earlier about them having a Gut Check Training Camp later this month for people to come try out for it.
  4. That sounds awesome. I just hope that two awesome guys don't end up facing each other, would be a shame to see somebody turned away because of that.
  5. Another interesting point. I wonder, if they're both really good, do each of them get a contract?
  6. Two obvious wrestlers that come to mind for this week's Gutcheck are Jay Bradley (rumored for a week now) and Brian Cage (same story).
  7. Absolutely, but I think that'll rarely be the case.
  8. I prefer the old way. It's actually a "test" if you are facing someone on the roster.
  10. ^Told you so. :testify:

    It's a shame that probably only one of them will get signed.

    If that will be the case, then hire Brian Cage.
  11. You were right again. :ryan:

    I wondered who you would be pulling for out of the two.
  12. I was right yes, but based purely on last night's performance, I'd go with hiring Bradley.

    But that's why I'd have Brian Cage join The Aces & 8's. Perfect loophole to give Cage his much deserving contract too. :adr:
  13. Bradley was more impressive to me as well. We'll see what Leif Cassidy and Brother Love have to say on the matter.
  14. Brad for me as well.
  15. I like the way you think. :ryan:

    I'm pulling for Bradley. I was really impressed with him last night.
    Plus, you guys know how I like those tatted Chicago boys. :gusta:

    I'll be curious to see how the outcome does go next week.
  16. They'll give the job to Bradley. And you know I'm always right.:maybe:
  17. :haha: Very good point. At least now I won't have to be curious.
  18. Color me future's favorite demon. :testify:
  19. I'm stoked for this, the recent match was good too. This way they can have two contestants a week instead of one, plus they can eliminate the inevitable squash that typically happens which killed momentum before it even started

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