Gutcheck Last Night: Jay Bradley or Brian Cage?

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I'd give a contract to...

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  1. Brian Cage

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  2. Jay Bradley

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  3. Can't Decide, They're Both Awesome

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  1. Based strictly on their IMPACT performance last night, whou would YOU give a contract to?

    My vote goes to Bradley, he seemed to have the instant heel heat in the IZ and showed more personality, but I'd find a loophole for Cage and gave him a contract as well.
  2. Bradley all the way. Better promo and in ring performance IMO.
  3. Bradley for sure. He was great last night.
  4. To those who've missed it:

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  5. Missed their match. :downer:
  6. Both were awesome, loved that second rope suplex thing cage did, but I'd have to go Bradley as well, much more personality and his shots are so stiff. Love it.
  7. Test posted a video of their match just above your post. :emoji_slight_smile: Definitely worth checking out.
  8. Can't really watch Youtube videos atm but will check it out when I'm able to, thanks anyway. :otunga:
  9. Crap. :downer: Hopefully you can see it soon then.
  10. Yeah, I also hope too. Been missing lots of wrestling.
  11. Brian Cage for me.
  12. Crayo being a hipster again.
  13. Why not? He's also a pretty good wrestler, I wouldn't mind singing him at all. But Bradley was better on Thursday IMO.

    Sign Bradley next week, put Cage in THE Aces & 8s. That solves it.
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