Guy kills his wife, confesses and posts photo on Facebook.

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  1. A horrifying crime scene in South Miami hit Facebook Thursday when a man posted a photo of his dead wife -- and a confession that he had killed her.
    Derek Medina posted the photo some time around noon Thursday, with the words "Rip Jennifer Alfonso." The image shows his wife's leggings-clad body slumped backwards on the floor in what appears to be the couple's kitchen. Her face and left arm are covered in blood.
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    ''Following his arrest, it emerged that Medina once penned a series of self-help books, including one entitled: "How I Saved Someone's Life and Marriage and Family Problems Thru Communication."

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  2. Dude just looks like he has issues. I will never understand how a person could kill someone they "love"... The value of that word is meaningless to most people in this world anymore.
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  3. I once had a dog I loved, it was a good dog but also very old. The dog was in pain so I brought him to the vet and we let him go in peace.
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  4. :harvey:

    That's completely different sir Danielson!
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  5. Hehehehe
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  6. Second story I have heard like this today.

    One I read about a women hit a cyclist driving home and just drove off so a hit and run.

    She then tweeted blaming the cyclist saying they shouldnt be on roads but admitting the hit and run. So her followers grassed her up.
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  7. A man in Indonesia cut her wife in two.
  8. This is very disturbing. Hopefully he'll be locked up for a long time and gets the help he needs.
  9. Dude is doing it for attention, per anyone posting stupid shit on facebook.

    He will go to prison, and be forgotten in just a handful of months. People like this are the reason we need firing squads. 100% guilty, no trial needed, just put a solid 10$ into some bullets and let's call his day over.
  10. This guy killed her wife and went to the police station saying "I killed my wife". Simply stupid...