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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Lackin, Oct 26, 2014.

  1. A mate of mine put a link to this on Facebook and said try and watch the whole video.

  2. smh ffs smh ffs ffs FFS FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFS
  3. I've seen one of her videos before- it was painful.
  4. I've seen that her videos exist before- it was painful
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  5. I see what you did there. :isee:
  6. someone posted a vid of her before on here eating a banana, @Tgmiveld, would probably bang this.Would you lad?
  7. Trisha Paytas eh......

    She's the worst, but she knows she is and she plays it up. And actually there is some high profile Youtubers Youtube Personalities who make videos with her and quite like her e.g. Shane Dawson. She's just another of those who knows how to play "The Youtube Game"...It's certainly worked for her.
  8. I'd still bang her tbh. :hmmm:
  9. Suggest doing it in her bed not yours, would be awkward trying to get all her makeup stains off.
  10. I dunno a blue and pink shaft would be quite interesting :heenan:
  11. Gorgeous eyes ( . Y . )
  12. Credit by me.
  13. I had to turn the sound off. But I would definitely bang her. :happy:
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