Hahahahahahah Dean Ambrose just got owned by Ryback

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  1. Hahahahahahah Dean Ambrose just got owned by Ryback with the shellshock! I fucking loved that so much I told you all Dean Ambrose would be jobbing and I was right :yes:
  2. Dean Ambrose's facial expressions are priceless.
  3. Yeah the way Ambrose got beat was brutal, he almost got as pounded as Kelly Kelly did when she was in WWE. I remember this one time she got pounded by three people at once. Compared to that I think Ambrose got a light beating.
  4. Hey, BLFFL, remember when you said Ryback wouldn't last longer than a week and was a flash in a pan?

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    sorry, just like pointing out irony
  5. Yeah he totally 'jobbed' when he wasn't even in a match, you retard.
  6. [​IMG]
  7. Dean Ambrose got his ass handed to him and then he ran off like a little girl
  8. Same thing with Kelly Kelly except she didn't run, she took a cab :lol1:
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  9. that´s not jobbing you moron
  10. Agreed. Ambrose looked like a bitch and should never be seen on WWE TV again.
  11. This went well
  12. Okay, this thread is just TOO kayfabe to stay open.