WrestleMania Hall Of Fame Class of 2013...

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  1. In my opinion, has the most star power and deserving people in it.
    First off I will say fuck off with saying Donald Trump is in it.
    It's Sports Entertainment and Donald Trump and Bruno themselves will garner lots of main stream attention.

    Current Inductee's include:






  2. Backlund and Sammartino are the inductees that I wanted the most, tbh. They were the ones that were missing. Foley too. Trish is arguably the greatest diva of all time. Great, simply great class this year.
  3. Everyone has a valid reason to go in this year

    Foley - one of the most over baby faces in arguably the most popular period. Plus a promo god.

    Bruno - the icon who paved the red and yellow road for the Immortal hulkster.

    Backlund - a phenomenal technician, a true great between the ropes

    Trish - an example of what women's wrestling should be, a great look and willing to learn the job before coming on to be entertaining in the ring. When you criticise the E signing fitness models you her as a voice in the back of your head which says what they could be

    Trump - had a phenomenal impact at WM 23 and drew big numbers, he's what a celeb inductee should be.
  4. Also I don't know why people are getting mad at Donald Trump.
    First off to clarify, it's the Celebrity Wing. The CELEBRITY WING!
    Donald Trump hosted two Wrestlemania Consecutively and gave Wrestlemania 23 one of the highest buy rates.
    He made a huge impact for WWE.

    Donald Trump >>>> Drew Carey
  5. Yeah, out of the celebrities they normally induct, Trump sounds good.
  6. I couldn't agree more. All of those are great, and i get adding Trump only makes it more mainstream. The issue for me is usually HoF is horrible. Backlund and Bruno are people that deserved it long ago, and i am glad to see them going in, but for me Foley being in the Hof Will be something i will remember long past my enjoyment of wrestling. I really hope WWE figures out a way to get Terry Funk to announce him, and i'm sure foley will get tat done.
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