Happy 47th Birthday, Triple H!!!!

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  1. Share your favorite Triple H memories here!!!

    My favorite of all time is the Cactus Jack street fight at 2001 Royal Rumble.

    One random more recent one to share too...

    Usurping FINAL KLIQ BOSS Kevin Nash in 2011 in a completely underrated TLC ladder match. Kev took a damn bump off the ladder through a table. He tried to 2 SWEET Triple H for mercy, but mercy wasn't on the goddamn menu that day. Only a SUCK IT and a Sledgehammer to the FACE. #CleanPin 1 - 2 - 3.

    Triple H from that day has been in full control of The Kliq Matrix Of Leadership and is in the process of passing it down to Rodimus Balor.

    "Am I fucking getting cake?" HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HHH!
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  2. He's prob giving Steph a really good pounding tonight.

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  3. Woman beating is bad!
  4. Depends on if it's in the bedroom...
  5. Yeah man you know they get down when they get the opportunity. It probably gets gnarly up in there. Steph's already been public about the stuff they did early in their relationship via her Stern interview. Couples only get freakier over the years to make things interesting.
  6. I bet you on his birthday he gets to bone in FULL GIMMICK lol
  7. "your skinny fat-ass" - HHH

    Happy birthday you old fart! :pity2:
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  8. Bow down to the king.

    Happy birthday, Paul. All hail
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  9. Niiiiiice. I had Triple H hold the NXT Title for like a whole month in WWE2K16. It was glorious. Title defenses always were Triple H w/ Steph in a normal match vs NXT guy. Somewhere near the water spit spot of his entrance, I break out and grab the sledgehammer. I wait for opponent to come outside and give them a solid running smash to the gut and a few freebies while they're down. Roll them in and begin BURYING.

  10. Happy birthday-ugh to THE GAME-UGH
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  11. Happy B-day to the GOAT! :hhh2:
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  13. Pedigree to Daniel Bryan at summerslam <3
  14. 47 years of crushing mark dreams. Much respect.