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  1. All 15 of Dat Kid's guards walk out surrounding him. The lights slowly fade in blue at different areas of the arena. Kid wears another suit, this time pinstripped with DK engraved on the pocket. Kid wipes his feet as he enters the ring. The guards line the apron.

    I come back and I'm not booked on the anniversary card. Not because there was a failure to have me on the show, it's because I declined a match with any of those idiots in the back. Why the fuck would I celebrate the birth of a company that's about to die? That's like celebrating Trip's birthday.

    The crowd boos

    Oh, too soon! Ah it won't matter cause you'll all be dead too by the end of the night. Have you seen the card? You got Alias Antonio competing for a championship that has such an illustrious history, like the night it was awarded to me because no one was stupid enough to want it. Or how about Joey Bryant vs random motherfucker 3? Man and some people thought the WHC was making a comeback.

    So by all means, enjoy this celebration of life as the IWT chokes on its last dying breaths.

    Hey Anonymous, how's it feel to be useless. I know you're "gimmick" is being a keyboard warrior and now you can't even do that with that fucked up thing you call a hand, but now you learned your lesson. You wanted to step into the ring and challenge what I had to say.

    Oh "Dat Kid, you're different", "Oh Dat Kid, what about da people", I don't give a damn about these people and not a single fucking thing has changed because once again here I am in the middle of MY WORLD and you're back in Cleveland where you belong. So happy anniversary you fat fuck.

    Dat Kid snaps his mic in half and tosses it to the side.
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  2. You shouldn't kid yourself like this, Kid.
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  3. It only snapped because Jono chews on the mic every time he tries to cut a promo thinking it's a snickers bar
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  4. Ahah! That's why my hands always felt greasy after I cut my promos. I'm glad that I upgraded to a bluetooth ear piece then.
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  5. *Your
  6. You're mother
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  7. You're dad. :pipebomb:
  8. [​IMG]
  9. [​IMG] would have been a better promo.
  10. [​IMG] would have been a better promo.