Storyline Happy... Holidays

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  1. *The scene opens up with Drake and Midas sitting next to one another garbed in festive sweaters which are available at IWTShop.Com. Inbetween them is a well lit fire, and there's Christmas trees on each side of them with a couple of presents underneath.*

    Drake: I assume you all know what time of it is...

    Midas: But if you didn't then allow me to inform you, it's...

    Drake: Christmas time! That's right, it's that time of year again and in the spirit of Christmas the two of us are in quite a giving mood.

    Midas: Goddamnit Drake, I was going to say that it's just the Holiday season! We can't single out one day because it isn't politically correct. Nevertheless you're absolutely right, we're in a giving mood and we have came bearing gifts for our to be opponents at the Slammys(@CM Punk, @THG?).

    *Midas and Drake reach over to the side of them and grab two irregular looking boxes. The two unbox the gifts revealing that they're replica World/IWT titles.*

    Drake: As you can see here these are two of THE finest replica titles that one could possibly find. They're almost as real as the originals themselves, almost.

    Midas: We figured that you, Alias could put the replica IWT title to good use once the Rumble is over so you can always have a reminder of just how close you were. Again!

    Drake: As for the World title replica, it was made especially for you, Christian. It can serve as a constant reminder of how you once had an oh so thriving career. From being at the top of the mountain to struggling to even keep up with Alias in these recent events.

    Midas: That's not all though, we've got one more surprise were that came from!

    *The two reach to their side and grab the last two gifts underneath the trees. They open the boxes which reveals two more titles, these being tag team belt replicas.*

    Drake: Man, these are some fine titles. Probably the best ones out of the bundle of gifts we're giving to you.

    Midas: We're bestowing these lovely pieces unto you because...

    Drake: Because let's be real here, there's no way you two are going to be walking out of the Slammys with our titles!

    Midas: And if you're lucky the both of you might just be able to walk out of the arena by yourself, but that's if we're in a good mood.

    Drake: It all depends on if Christ... the Holidays are nice to us.

    Midas: We sincerely hope you'll enjoy these gifts because we put a lot of thought into this.

    Midas/Drake: Happy... Holidays!

    *The scene fades with the two waving in unison and trading subtle merriments.*
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