Storyline Happy National Woman's Day from Fooqy

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  1. Farooq is shown with black, Asian and white women. "Today is a special day, today we celebrate the hard works of women. Like when we need to celebrate heroes in the IWT like Victoria Parker, or Brit. And when we can celebrate their rights to vote. Or when we need laundry, they get it here." Farooq says as he wipes his eyes. "When we need a tight pussy to be in, women are there. When we need a fine ass..." He says looking at the black girl, "She'll be there. That's why we love women, because they are here to help. Now go on to the kitchen ladies, cook until your heart explodes!" Farooq says as the girls giggle and start cooking and doing laundry.

    "Ah women, the best thing in the world next to Taco Bell's new XXL Taco."

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  2. OOC: I knew this was going to be in IWT soon... I just knew it. Shoulda called it on my status before i went to bed.
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