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  1. NanoRah

  2. Farooq

  1. [​IMG]
    This is for the Hardcore Championship

    Ladder Match
    Voting will be open (from the start) for 6 hours while the match is taking place,
    unlimited promos - vote changing is encouraged.

    Voting will be closed at 8:45PM EST

    Jacob"Enygma" Colton takes on Farooq to see who has what it takes to hold the Hardcore Championship.
    These two will go head to head in a ladders match to see who can reach the top to grab the belt.

  2. *Music hits and Jacob goes to the ring, the crowd doesn't react because they don't know what to say*
    *Jacob enters the ring with a ladder*

    Ok, this time it's face to face in a legal match, we haven't got dicks like Jonathan getting rid of this match so lets do it right now, Extreme Rules time is now and I'm going to get that title when I defeat you, climb this ladder and get that title.

    You see? In this kind of matches you don't need to have a lot of strength, the only thing you need is to be more intelligent than your opponent and you dumbass can't be more intelligent than me, I've been studying all your previous matches and were good but this isn't going to be epic so shut your mouth, come to the ring and fight because I can counter all your moves, I don't need to do anything but look how you auto-destroy yourself trying to defeat me, your moves aren't a mistake for me so consider yourself defeated, you're working for Be A Star and more crap to help this crowd who really doesn't deserve anything *crowd starts booing Jacob* so come on, they're too weak that's why they need help, forget about them, you're better than them and caring about them is what makes you weak and predictable, they're nothing, they're worthless.

    *The crowd starts to shout "We all hate you" to Jacob*

    I don't care about their boos, they're confused, they prefer a fake hero as you than a real wrestler like me, they prefer a child saying he loves them all than a man who says the truth. I'm not here for them I'm here to get money and get the gold, you prefer to spend your spare time with them and surely you're not prepared enough for this match
  3. Farooq walks onto the stage with his ring gear on, his black tights with crosshair symbols on each side, and black boots as he walks towards the ring. In his right hand he holds a microphone with the IWT logo on it, and on his way he claps hands with the cheering fans. Farooq climbed onto the apron and entered the ring between the ropes as he sat down in the middle of the ring. The music began to fade as the crowd was chanting "Farooq!"​
    Farooq began to speak as the crowd began to calm down, allowing Farooq's words to be heard whether it was up close, or all the way in the back of the arena. "Today, I challenge Jacob Colton for the Hardcore title. I guess I should explain why I should be the Hardcore champion, well the answer is simple, to bring this division back onto it's feet. Right now, this division is not even alive. There's no one else that wanted to challenge for this championship, and to have a belt in this company that has no worth, it's bad for us, bad for the company, and most of all, bad for YOU, the fans of IWT. That's why I am here today, I could have done many things. I could have threw a fit and whine myself into the world title scene, I could have left this division alone and focus on other titles, I could have left IWT, I could have done many things others in IWT have done, but I didn't."​
    "I'm here today in this match to fight to give this division life, I will be a fighting champion. I have been making challenges, because I am a hungry fighter. I have more matches scheduled, two more, and I would like to walk into them with the Hardcore championship. To show that the Hardcore champion is one who doesn't slow down, is one who doesn't rest and always fights, is one who gives his blood, his sweat, and his tears! That is the kind of champion the IWT deserves! Because the ones who clash with me, the ones who fight with me, one day, if they continue to work hard, it's a most likely chance you will be looking at future world champions, future hall of famers, future legends. Right now, there isn't anything here for them to give them that push, that's why I'm going for this belt. To give the new comers a challenge, because if they can over come me, then they have began to climb the ranks of the IWT. And that's what we all want, we don't want champions who don't fight, who don't have passion for anybody, we want champions who are strong, who are passionate and give it all they have. That's why I deserve to be the Hardcore champion, because I can help this company push those kind of wrestlers. Ones, who will never break."​
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    *Jacob looks to Farooq*

    It's true, a hardcore champion must be fighting day and night, and I can do that because I'm a wrestler and when have to fight I do it because I love to do that, and I don't care if I get into inferno matches or anything, you said you aren't fighting for the World Titles because you want to give prestige to this title, you're wrong with that, you're here in the midcard fighting with me, the best in this ring, because you can't be in high quality matches and I'm starting, I will get this midcard title and I don't care if I have to burn it or if I have to throw this away or whatever I have to do if that way I get a World Title match, I don't care about wrestlers like you who only know how to speak about what they'll do if they get the title and then as you did don't fight any time, you were the US Champion and didn't fight, that's why our General Manager Britanica took the title from you, the hardcore division isn't dead as you said but it's been a while since we had a champion who deserved to be the champion and it's my destiny to become the new Hardcore Champion of the World, this will open me a lot of doors to fight for bigger wrestlers, you talk about pushing new superstars but this superstar is going to defeat you and it'll be you who needs the push, and get sure you won't get it from your stupid fans.

    *Opens the ladder and starts climbing*

    Ok, this is getting to the end, when I reach the top I'll be the champion and you'll be the same as your fans are, nothing, you'll be asking yourself "why did I lose to this guy?" and the answer will always be the same "I'm nothing compared with him, lets try to beat someone who isn't the best in the IWT". You with your friends are going to be laying in the ground while I take that title, I'll pray for you while I feel sorry to took this dream from you.
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  11. Farooq let out a soft chuckle as he began to speak once more, "Why yes I do admit on my first time here I ran off like a coward. I have learned from my experience, and I haven't ran from a single challenge yet. As for me, I do not need the push. I am doing well, I am on two title matches, and may I remind you that even on my first foolish run here, I have defeated Aids, Dat Kid, and a few others to claim my first belt. I have a fine list of wrestlers that I have beaten, I believe that I'm not the one that needs the belt, but I don't believe you are ready."

    "You are cocky, reckless, and are not ready to hold that belt yet. You need to go through proper training before you challenge me again. You need to challenge others and gain some wins here. I am here to forge the new superstars of tomorrow. These fans, you call them stupid, but may I remind you, who pays your paycheck? It's these wonderful fans, the ones who pay their hard earned money to be here. It's a honor for them to watch us, and yet you attack them with childish insults. It is sad, and yet you show your ignorance by using such insults. How can we trust a champion like you? How can we trust a champion that attacks the foundation of the company? How can we trust a champion that hasn't defeated anybody that is credible enough to carry this division? I can assure that I can be that man. I have defeated former world champions, I have defeated top names in this company, and I can bring this division back to life. I have been loyal to this company, sticking with it and training on my hardest. I don't have nothing to prove to the fans, I have given them my all, but it seems you have something to prove. And until you can put it all in the ring, with honor and respect, you don't deserve to be a champion."
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  13. *Jacob stares at Farooq and speaks for the last time*

    Yeah, you've defeated a lot of old superstars and world champions here and that's something that in my short career I haven't accomplished yet, but as you I've been champion too, you're talking with the first ever IWT Cruiserweight Champion and get that title in a four way match with good opponents too but the fact is that I don't care about who have you beat or whatever because here in the ring that doesn't matter, what matters is that you must prove you're the best of all your opponents, you must prove you're the best of the company and you must prove you're the best in the world, thing you aren't doing, I know I am all of those things and that's why I'll get the victory because hardcore isn't to fight all the time, hardcore is a way of life where you must put your body on the line in every single match so you're wrong, you don't even know what's about this title, you say I don't deserve to be the champion but it's you who doesn't deserve it because you don't even know what's this about, this doesn't need prestige, this needs to be awesome, doesn't matter if you sweat or bleed because that's why we live and that's why we stand in this ring. And the crowd doesn't pay me, they pay their tickets because they want to have fun watching wrestling, doesn't matter what we call them they want to see us fight no talk, another thing you're wrong damn ignorant...
  14. "You say this belt doesn't need prestige? You say it needs to be 'awesome'? Awesome? Do you know what else is awesome to people of today? War, and war brings division and death. You know what was awesome when the United States was formed? Hanging slaves. You know what's awesome to people when they see a riot? People attacking people. Awesome may seem glorious, but it isn't. You know what holds prestige? When wars end by talking, when everything can be done man to man instead of bombing others. That shows that they hold prestige to people's lives. When people showed enough prestige to let their slaves go, that showed that they valued their rights as a human being. When someone does a march, a peaceful march and stands up and shout for other human rights, whether it's the right to believe in what they want, or anything, that's prestige in causing order instead of mindless fighting. You bring 'awesomeness' to this belt, and yes it will last, for now. In the near future though, that awesomeness will run out, and without any prestige, without any value, the belt and your reign will be forgotten."

    "I'm not here to make things look 'cool', I'm here to bring value to this championship. I'm here to breath life into that belt that will last forever."
  15. Sure is. Congrats! You are the new hardcore champ! :woo1:
  16. Farooq climbs up the ladder and grabs the Hardcore championship and holds the belt up high as his music begins to play.

    The crowd cheered as Farooq climbed down the ladder, placing the Hardcore championship on his shoulder. "Your winner and the new Hardcore champion, Farooq!" The announcer said as Farooq climbed out of the ring and jumped onto the crowd, raising the Hardcore championship high as he left through the crowd, hugging and clapping with the fans as they cheered.​
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  17. *Joel Rain runs from behind him and celebrates with him*
  18. Farooq puts the belt on his shoulder and looks over at Rain. "We are gonna have a party tonight after this Pay-Per-View!" He said with a laugh.