Storyline Harriet And Ryan Hash It Out After Their Matches.

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  1. Aiden is leaned upon crates in the backstage area. With he's head tilted down reliving the match back in he's head. Feeling nothing but rage Aiden kicks the crate in an aggressive manner and screams as talent looks at him in concern. A crew member goes to walk over only to be pulled away from another crew member. "Don't. He's not in a good state of mind.." he says to the other crew member as they just look at him.

    Aiden tries to control he's emotions and begins counting. "One..." He sighs nodding he's head. "Two..." "Three..." "Four..." Aiden begin's to hear foot steps approach as he continues to count faster. Hearing the foot steps stop next to him he looks up to see Harriet.

    "Looks like you've finally worked out that you shouldn't be here.
    Harriet gives Aiden a sarcastic round of applause.It took you long enough. Did you really think that you would go all the way? I mean sure, you could get so far in the X-Division but any further... not a chance. You were never going to take that title from Antonio, ever.
    Harriet sighs, leaning against the crate. Wondering to herself why she is even getting involved.
    I know you're tired of everyone thinking that you're just some polite, nice guy- but what did you expect when that is how you act? You posed no threat to anybody really with that attitude. Besides, why would you even care what the other talent- or the fans, for matter, think? Wait-Is that the only reason you compete- for some kind of approval from people?
    Just realise that caring about what others perceptions of you are- ultimately makes you weak. If you care so much, it'll hold you back, just like it already has done here.
    You think I'm going to lose sleep over what some random dickhole thinks? Never gonna happen- people can think what they want, if anything it makes it easier to show how foolish they are. "

    Aiden bite's he's bottom lip and shake's he's head. He pushes himself off the crate and turns to her.

    Looking her up and down he smirks.

    "Aren't you a charming dame? I don't think you should be in the position to criticize my career and where it has headed, when you didn't single handily make your name known in this division. I didn't get a stepping ladder to help me out, Honey. Nor do I need one unlike some people."
    Aiden Responds holding he's hand out as a pointing gesture towards Harriet.

    "But Oh The Contrary, My dear. since you like to talk about career's so much, What happened out there? You were so close to closing in that victory and that poof. All gone in just a blink of an eye and at the grandest stage of them all to. Seem's like your stepping ladder broke, better take it back down to the depo for a refund because until then... I'll see no contendership for Ms Harriet. "

    Aiden Pouts and draws a line down he's cheek with he's finger.​

    Harriet rolls her eyes dramatically

    And there you go again- expecting us all to care how we're viewed. If you think for one second I'm going to let one loss stand in my way then you clearly haven't been paying attention.
    I may not have beaten Nick at Mania, regardless- I know that I showed that I am not to be underestimated. And if people want to continue to underestimate me, well more fool them. Just makes taking the gold all the easier for me.

    Harriet shakes her head disapprovingly

    "Silly boy."

    "Oh Really? Well unti..."
    Before Aiden could finish he's sentence he feel's a tap on he's shoulder.
    Aiden slaps the person's hand away as it
    taps him.

    "Unti... Unt"
    Aiden Struggles to finish.
    He holds his finger up to Harriet.
    He turns around and yells at the man behind him who is tapping constantly.


    "Mr Ryan. The Medical staff would like a word with you."

    Aiden Sighs and looks back at Harriet.
    "We'll finish this another time."
    Aiden nods as he walks away with the man.

    Harriet Rolls her eyes once more before heading back to the locker room.

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