Storyline Harriet Vargas addresses her doubters

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    As Harriet Vargas heads out of the locker room and towards the exit she is stopped by a camera crew.

    Interviewer: 'Harriet! Can we ask you a few questions?'

    Harriet: 'Make it quick, some of us have places to be.'

    The man seems a little put out by her attitude, but continues.

    Interviewer: 'So you're fresh from your debut against Reagan Cole, how did that win feel?'

    Harriet: 'Unsurprising. But satisfying. Still, at least I can say that feud is done with and I can move on to bigger and better things.'

    Interviewer: 'And what exactly have you got planned?'

    Harriet: 'I'm not at liberty to talk about that just yet.'

    Interviewer: 'So what can you tell us?'

    Harriet: 'I can tell you and the petty, jealous haters that I'm out for blood.'

    Interviewer: 'Which jealous haters would that be?'

    Harriet: 'The ones that claim my win against Reagan Cole was all thanks to Aids backing me up. I've heard the whispers, fools claiming that I'm leading Aids around by his dick- that I'd be nothing without him and his name.'

    Harriet shakes her head angrily, glaring towards the locker room.

    'I respect Aids, he's a testament to the IWT and I'm extremely grateful to have his full support, but I'm not green- I know what I'm doing and I know that I would have buried Reagan Cole with or without him. The people that claim otherwise are fools. They're too scared to admit that I'm a real threat to them. I am the next big thing to watch and I dare anyone to argue otherwise.'

    The interviewer is speechless and can only nod.

    Harriet: 'I'm done here.'

    Harriet picks up her gym bag and stalks down the corridor, leaving the interviewer and crew standing out in the hall.​
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  8. I was expecting a steineresque line at the end

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