Storyline Harriet Vargas- best laid plans?

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    The camera is focused on Renee as she begins to speak.

    'This is Renee Young, reporting for IWT. Today I'm joined by one of the many talents of the X-Division, Harriet Vargas.'

    The camera pans out, showing Harriet sitting on a tall stool, she is dressed in blue jeans and a hoodie with black combat boots.

    'Firstly, thank you for joining me.' Harriet nods, acknowledging Renee but remains silent.

    'I'd like to address what happened at Extreme Rules, if I may. You were pitted against Nick for a second time and came away short. So what does this mean for you now? Where do you go from here?'

    'It means that I keep fighting. Losing out on the X-Division belt is just a small roadblock. There is plenty more gold to go around.'

    'So you won't be going for the X-Division title again?'

    'Not at this point in time. Nick and I delivered incredible matches but I'm not going to fight him again. Like I said, there is other gold to be captured.'

    'Is there specific gold you want to capture?'

    'Yes. The Hardcore title.'

    Renee looks bewildered for a moment.

    'Are... Are you sure about that?'

    'Why wouldn't I be? It's about time the title had some relevance again. What exactly has Farooq done with the title recently? Absolutely nothing, that's what. Instead, he's sat on it for far too long. It's about time that he proved that he actually still deserves to be known as the Hardcore Champion.'

    'And you think you're the one who should have that title?'

    'Why shouldn't I?' Renee remains quiet.
    'What is it Renee, you don't agree with me? Because I can show you why I deserve that title.'

    'I don't doubt that for a second, Harriet. So, do you have a message for Farooq?'

    'Prove to the IWT that you actually still deserve to be known as the Hardcore Champion. Show them- show the others in the locker room that you're still worth giving a shit about.'

    Harriet hands her mic to Renee and slides from the stool, turning and heading towards the locker rooms.

    'Well... There you have it. This is Renee Young for IWT.'

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  3. Just interesting, thats all I'm saying. Also, always good to see when people have a direction in mind already.
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