Storyline Harriet's missed oppurtunity

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  1. Locker room area:

    *Harriet is standing by the sink, cleaning the cuts on her face. She lets out a hiss as she dabs her cheek with a cotton ball. The knock at the door causes her to turn and glare over her shoulder.*
    'Miss Vargas, the General Manager would like to see you in his office.' *The timid assistant replies*
    'For what?'
    'Well... I'm not sure. He just asked that I inform you.' *Harriet blows out a frustrated breath and shakes her head disbelievingly. *
    'Fine. Tell him I'll stop by later.'
    'You don't understand- he wants to see you immediately.'
    *Tossing the cotton ball into the sink, Harriet grabs her hoodie and throws it on before following the nervous young brunette.*

    Camera Switch

    *Trip in the Head is sitting behind his desk as the door to is office creaks open slowly, the young brunette assistant poking her head in*
    TRIP: What? You can't knock!?
    Assistant: I'm sorry sir, its just, I found....
    *Suddenly the door slams open and Harriet Vargas walks in through the doorway, pushing the young assistant out of the way*
    Harriet: What do you WANT? *Harriet says with venom in her tone as the assistant trips and falls*
    TRIP: *to the assistant* You ok over there? You meet me back in here later and I'll make sure. *Trip winks at the assistant who smiles back after brushing herself off and then exits the room. Trip then turns to Harriet* Calm down Vargas, calm down. I just called you in here to make sure you were ok. You looked pretty beat up after that Hardcore championship match against Farooq. Sure you lost...*Trip rolls his eyes* again....but you put on one hell of a show opener. I guess I was worried about your....mental state......

    Harriet: 'Is this some kind of a joke? You want to discuss my mental state?' Harriet folds her arms across her chest, shaking her head angrily.'Oh, I get it now, because all us girls are just a few steps away from crazy at any given moment, right?' Harriet rolls her eyes, muttering 'Asshole'. 'You think I'm going to do what? Cry? Quit? I bet you would love that, wouldn't you? You're in for nothing but disappointment if that's the case because neither of those things are going to happen. You can be as disappointed in me as you like- You may run this company but I'm not here to please you.'

    Harriet plants both hands on the desk and leans in closer

    Harriet: 'I'm not scared of anybody in this company and that includes you. So, what are you gonna do about it Mr Boss Man? Are you going to make me job? We all know I've done a lot worse, so you can throw whatever the hell you want at me.' Harriet stands up straight, giving Trip a sarcastic smile.
    'Now, instead of wasting time with whatever this game is, why don't you concentrate on the no-shows and the divas around here?'

    *Trip's demeanor changes drastically within moments*

    TRIP: How DARE you! *Trip stands up quickly from his desk, knocking his chair down behind him and leaning forward on his desk with both hands* I call you in here to check up on you and this is what I get!? News flash Harriet, *Trip slams his fist down on his desk* I don't have to "job" you out to anyone. You are doing a fine job of that yourself. *Trip turns to one side as he walks around his desk* And no I wouldn't like it all if you just up and quit. Ok, maybe I might find the crying somewhat amusing if it happened, but I don't see any tears here. No. I see a warrior. An amazonian warrior as the case may be. One that is still learning her craft. *Trip makes it around his desk and gets in Harriet's face* And don't you THINK I am handling these no shows!? I AM IN CHARGE HERE! *Trip backs away a step and straightens his tie*And I will take care of things. You need not worry your pretty little bleeding head about it. *Trip walks towards his door* Now I had called you in here to tell you that you impressed me tonight and I was thinking of putting you in a MITB ladder match. *Trip reaches the door and starts to open it* But now.....*Trip shakes his head* Now you better prove to me you deserve it in some other way. *Trip opens his door wide* Now GET OUT. Dat Kid is up to his old tricks again in the ring and I need to find out what he's up to this time.

    *Harriet reluctantly leaves Trip's office not knowing what to think*

    OOC (open)
    Co-written by myself and @Majour . Hope you guys like it.

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