Has anyone been more consistent than Austin Aries since he returned?

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  1. Now this isn't a Best in the world thread or even a best in the company thread, this is based around being consistently great.

    No other talent on the TNA roster or any roster for that matter seem to manage to be at their peak no matter where they're placed on the card, whether they've been booked into any notable feud, what alignment they have better than The Greatest Man That ever lived. I'll break down now why I believe Austin is the single most consistent talent on the planet today.

    Heel matches.

    Austin's first match back on the Impact roster as he claimed his TNA contract in this 4 way, I was actually against Aries going over at the time due to how badly he was treat last time and would have preferred Low Ki, hey we all make mistakes.


    Gaining the X title.


    Defending against an ex partner during the Generation Next stage vs Alex Shelley


    Face matches and progression towards the World Title.


    Going up against Ray and his first major singles match as a face competitor, this was when I thought they were going to invest in him as a star, rather than a midcard staple.


    TNA gave us a fan boy moment from the ROH days, Joe vs Aries, the crowd were buying into him more and more. Great from both guys.


    Capturing the big one. The best match either man have had IMHO.


    Back to heel

    Aries lost his title to Bound For Glory Jeff Hardy and these two ended up stealing the show in a match which favoured both of their styles, a ladder match.


    Combining the two against Roode and Hardy in a triple threat.


    And finally winning the world tag team titles (of the world) with former rival Bobby Roode.


    This is short just cos fuck Chavo and Hernandez.

    Heel promos.



    It's difficult to find many in decent quality, ignore the idiot talking over him.


    2 other great mic workers but he still stands out.

    Face Promos.



    Now we all know he's great but the question is how great is he? Is there any one great on a more consistent basis? My answer is no, you throw whatever you want at him, in just over a year he went from a heel contract contender to a heel midcard champion to a face midcard champion to face World Champion to a heel champion to a heel tag team champion, who else can claim they've been in so many different roles and excelled? No matter what you throw at him he'll always be on the top of his and the companies game.
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  2. A Double is fantastic. If he ever gets the chance to jump ship he should. The guy deserves to be making a shit load of money. A Punk/Aries or Ziggler/Aries feud makes me weak in the knees.
  3. I could probably name a couple of guys who are just as consistently great in ring but not on the stick. Only one I can think off that has been consistently great in both aspects is Tozawa during 2012.
  4. AA & Roode are the two best going as far as I'm concerned.
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  5. Yeah that's kind of what stumped me too as I had to leave out the workrate staples such as Tanahashi as I don't understand them to evaluate on their ability, Tozawa is someone I need to see more of.
  6. Highly recommended. The way that man has grown in just a few short years (relegated back to the DG dojo in 2008 or something, sent to America in 2009, turns into an in ring machine in 2010-2011 and then becomes the boss heel and arguably the top guy in DG in 2012).
  7. He's the best today. +1 for the thread, completely agree about A Double.

    IMO, the best on the planet today. I mean, just look at all that material in the OP. Greatness! #TGMTEL